Awesome Real Estate Listing: Big Foot Sells his House

Awesome Real Estate Listing: Big Foot Sells his House

Awesome Real Estate Listing: Big Foot Sells his House

Anyone ever come across a home in the middle of the woods that looks absolutely beautiful but there’s no telling if someone lives there or they use it as a vacation home or a kind of escape? That’s kind of what the feeling with this 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home gives off since it’s being sold apparently by none other than Bigfoot, the master of social distancing for however many decades and counting. The house itself is gorgeous, but the fact that the big, hairy legend is actively selling it using pictures of certain rooms in use is even better as it’s become an internet sensation that some people might actually leap at if they have the funds and the desire to pick up another mortgage. There have been a lot of gimmicks used when it comes to selling a home, but this one is likely to be the most appealing given that a few states have laid claim to the Bigfoot legend throughout the years. Located in Felton, California, this home is undeniably one of the nicest on Zillow at the time even if it sits in a price range that’s astronomically-high for a lot of people, especially during a pandemic when folks are trying to prioritize what they spend their money on. One might think that the real estate business is in the dumps right now with social distancing and the idea that a lot of people just don’t have the kind of money that’s needed, but things appear to be chugging along more or less as they were before the pandemic.

As Leigh Giangreco of City Lab has pointed out the real estate business has changed but hasn’t been hit quite as hard considering that people have transitioned to virtual home tours and no-contact contract signings. For some people this isn’t nearly good enough since they want the experience of walking the property on their own and getting answers to their questions in real time. The latter might still be possible but right now touring homes isn’t exactly feasible since safety measures are being taken with just about every job that sees people come into contact with one another. But the virtual tours have come a long way since they first started up as an idea and people have found that their questions do get answered fairly quickly since much like buying a car, people are going to want to know as much as they can and will ask a wide arrangement of questions in order to figure out if the place is right for them or if it’s something that they need to pass on. This time around though a lot of people might just be touched by the quirky nature of the post and decide to take a second look.

The home is immaculate to be certain and it does appear to have been well-cared for, but there are those that might go so far as to say that it’s also a place that looks like it hasn’t had to suffer through a lot of wear and tear, meaning multiple kids and owners that don’t manage to clean it as much as they should. In other words it looks like a home that hasn’t seen as much use as a lot of older homes have. Looking at the year it was built, 1939, might disabuse a person of that notion, but then again, renovation, staging, and a lot of professional cleaning can go a long way toward selling a home that might have housed and entire family at one point. Obviously Bigfoot kept things nice and tidy for the last several decades, as a forest environment can take a pretty heavy toll on a home no matter how soundly it’s built. Environment is a key factor in home upkeep after all since if a person has a home on the coast they’ll have to worry about constant weather and a high humidity level, if they live in the desert they’ll likely have to worry about sand, dust, and what the heat can do to their home. The forest can offer up just as many issues that are every bit as troubling since nature has a way of reminding people that the things we create aren’t exactly permanent and can be torn or worn down over the years if we don’t keep them maintained. Donovan Alexander of Interesting Engineering has a bit more to offer on this subject.

All in all this post is pretty funny and it does showcase a very nice home that is up for sale by Bigfoot of all individuals. Who knew the big hairy legend had an affinity for California? People are least likely to drop by the site and see the post just to get a chuckle out of it, but those with the funds might actually take a second look since the house really is quite nice.

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