Why We’ll Be Watching “Elvis Presley: The Searcher”

Why We’ll Be Watching “Elvis Presley: The Searcher”

For a lot of people the legend of Elvis Presley was something, or is something, that’s not be messed with or otherwise questioned. However Elvis Presley: The Searcher, will be doing just that as it seeks to find the man behind the myth that started everything. In other words it’s going to find the human being that existed before the legend took hold and created a phenomenon that could have very easily brought the downfall of the man by overshadowing his limits with what people believed to be possible.

The King was mortal after all and that fact was made plainly clear when he began to age and his career began to fail. He was to many an icon, a representation of what it meant to be a rock star and a legend. But for all that the man behind it was someone that many people didn’t seem to understand as well as they thought. This program is going to seek to put a lot into perspective and find the truth behind who Elvis really was. The only problem with that is the fact that many of the people who knew Elvis the best have passed on. To add to this, the legend of Elvis is so great that even now finding out who the man was is a task that’s daunting even for the most renowned historians of rock and roll. The myths just began to enshroud the man without giving much of him back to the public, or rather the public was so entranced with the myth that they never thought that there might be another level beneath all if it that might be something they didn’t want to see. Even now a lot of Elvis fans would fight to the death to preserve the legend of the man and rock star they came to know.

Like a lot of people however Elvis did have a side he tried to keep away from the public. It wasn’t always the more illicit things that he was said to have done, but instead just a life that wasn’t spent in front of cameras and in the public eye. The man tried so hard to have a life but his public wanted him to remain in their eyes a perfect being always, even if he didn’t start out or even end up that way. At some points in his life it even seemed that he might have started to believe in the legends, though obviously a man he sometimes fell just a little short, as so many do. His greatness was never questioned when it came to rock and roll, no matter that many people will still contend that he took black music and never looked back. The truth however is that he did something worthy of notice to a lot of people and created an image that people took to more than the person behind it.

He was great, but perhaps this show will explain just why that was.

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