Avatar 3 Will Introduce a New Type of Na’vi

Avatar 3 Will Introduce a New Type of Na’vi
Avatar 3 Will Introduce a New Type of Na’vi

Credit: Avatar

Avatar 3 will be introducing a new type of Na’vi, the Ash people. Even better, it sounds as though they might be a new type of villain. The name inspires a region that’s dotted with volcanic activity or somewhere else where fire is the dominant element. 

This appears to be the plan that James Cameron is setting forth, as The Way of Water was the beginning of this trek. Eventually, it sounds as though the adventure will go off-world. But for part 3, it does sound as though Jake and his people will encounter a new group. The meeting to come doesn’t sound particularly friendly. 

Going by the feelings and emotions that are inspired by various elements, fire does manage to invoke passion and even anger. It also sounds as though the humans will not remain the main antagonists this time around. That feels as though it could switch things up a bit, but one can guess that people will have something to say about it. 

Thus far, the Avatar movies have shown audiences a new world with untold possibilities. The first movie introduced the main character, Jake, into a world he’d never seen before. The second movie showed the importance of family and even set Jake’s mind into a mode he’s known before. 

Avatar: The Way of Water

credit: Avatar

Going off-world promises a new challenge to the story

At some point, it does sound as though the Avatar movies will be exploring other worlds. Whether this means going to earth or to other planets, as it sounds, there’s a good chance that it will allow the story to expand. Cameron sounds as though he’s ready to finish his career with this idea. 

There are risks to expanding a story too far. One has to wonder if Cameron will think about bringing other directors in to take on this project. In the old days, it wouldn’t have happened. These days it does feel as though he’s thinking of such a development. 

The story of Jake, Neytiri, and their clan could keep going until the next generation takes over. Given the size of Pandora, it’s fair to state that there are many tribes. Even more, they all might feel a certain way about the Sky People. 

It’s interesting to think of a three-way war

It is enticing to hear that a new antagonist will find their way into the story. It means that the enemy of one’s enemy might not be a friend. There’s a good possibility that Jake and his people will be forced to fight on more than one front. 

It’s also interesting to think of how and where the fighting will take place. Pandora offers a great number of different environments to fight in. At this time, the forest and the coast have stood out as prime combat zones. Adding in an environment where fire is the dominant element could create a type of war zone that the story has not introduced yet. 

That kind of chaos could change a lot of things. The humans have shown themselves capable of fighting in various environments, as have the Na’vi. But fighting in an environment that is harmful to both sides could take things to a new level. 

Avatar: The Way of Water

credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

One has to ask if Jake will survive to the end

This is just a feeling, but it’s a strong one. It doesn’t feel as though anything will happen to Neytiri other than the heartache that she’s experienced often. But Jake is the one that is set to take the risks and knows how to fight the Sky People. The fact that he was human before becoming Na’vi feels as though he hasn’t come full circle yet. 

Such a belief is likely way off base, but it does feel as though Jake might not make it all the way through. Whether it’s risking himself to take on a familiar enemy or pushing himself harder than anyone else, it does feel likely that he could reach the end of the line. If not, then it’s fair to think that he could end up losing everything. 

There are a lot of different ways this story could play out before the end. 

Would the children take over

This all depends on how far James Cameron wants to take this story. If things progress to the point where Neytiri and Jake become elders, it feels natural that their kids will take over. But if Avatar lasts that long, it also feels that it would need to change more than once. 

The idea of this story taking place on earth by part 5 is enough to make a person think that such a thing could happen. Right now, it would appear that James Cameron is doing his best to keep things interesting. Judging by the box office, it’s working. 

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