James Cameron’s Devotion to Avatar is Absolute


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James Cameron‘s commitment to Avatar appears absolute at present, which is not unexpected. Pandora opened up as a rich and vibrant concept years ago, and fans have witnessed this. But of course, this did come with a downside. On the bright side, Cameron has had a remarkably successful career. He has delivered several movies to fans that remain iconic up to now. So it is natural to feelsadness for the stories not told, but sympathy is in limited supply. Listening to James Cameron say that he is sad about the stories he won‘t tell feels a bit disingenuous.

   However, there is a balance to this issue. Understanding Cameron‘s viewpoint is easy, but feeling like he is really missing out, is difficult. This is a director that has had an immense impact on cinema. Many fans would state that he has done enough and that he has nothing to be sorrowful about. From the perspective of a storyteller though, it is very easy to comprehend his sorrow. There are always stories to be told, and those who tell them want to create as many tales as they can. But Avatar is an expansive world with a huge range of possibilities, and Cameron‘s involvement in his own world means that there is little time for other projects.


credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Cameron has taken part in many stories

The Terminator, Aliens, Alita: Battle Angel, and Avatar are some of the most iconic contributions that James Cameron has made to cinema. The fact is that Cameron has already firmly established his name in the annals of Hollywood. Although there may come a day when his name is not as easily remembered, that day hasn‘t come yet. It does appear that Cameron wishes to finish the Avatar story until it is fully played out. This is the goal of many storytellers, to complete the stories they start. Whether or not Cameron will be the one to bring the Avatar story to its conclusion is unknown. But for now, it is safe to say that Cameron will dedicate much of his time to the Navi, for better or worse. As with many creators, they would rather create their own world and develop it to its fullest potential. At this stage, everything else is secondary. James Cameron may collaborate with others on a range of projects. However, right now Pandora appears to be where most of his focus lies.

His legacy is assured 

Despite the potential to tarnish one‘s reputation, especially in Hollywood, people will always remember those who have accomplished the greatest feats. No matter how people feel about Cameron, the legacy he has created is set in stone and nothing can erase it. It‘s true that Cameron has said things that have rubbed people the wrong way, such as his need to compare the Avatar franchise to other movies. However, he has still earned the praise and recognition he has received. It appears that Avatar has become Cameron‘s magnum opus and he is determined to stay with Pandora and the Navi. While this idea may sit well with many, there are still those who have their own opinions.

James Cameron’s Devotion to Avatar is Absolute

credit: Avatar: The Way Of Water

Avatar might not look the same if taken on by another director

The notion of Cameron entrusting any part of the Avatar franchise to another director is hard to imagine. After all, it is his idea, and it is not an easy decision to make to accept another director. Different directors come with different ideas and perspectives for a franchise, and these might not always be compatible. It is easy to understand why Avatar fans might feel a bit anxious about the thought of Cameron relinquishing any control to a different director. After pouring so much of himself into these movies, it is easy to see how the story could be altered. Although change is not always a negative thing, it is still a challenging process. This kind of transition has taken place in a number of movie franchises and is usually easy to recognize. Imagining Avatar going through such a transformation is difficult to conceive at the moment. But eventually, Cameron, who is in his late 60s, will need to step down.

Storytellers have to pass the torch eventually

The stories that people love need to continue, as they’re important to our culture and society. This leaves the question of who is able to continue or take over the work of those who laid the foundations for entertainment. James Cameron will likely spend most of his time continuing Avatar throughout the next decade. 

But when the time comes, it’s a big question as to who will take control of Pandora, if that happens. Who knows, maybe Pandora’s tale will begin and end with Cameron. It’s a little too soon to tell what will happen with this franchise. 

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