Are We Going to See a Starship Troopers TV Show?

Are We Going to See a Starship Troopers TV Show?

If we do see a Starship Troopers TV show it’s likely going to be a while, but at the very least it sounds like it might feature Casper Van Dien, the original Johnny Rico himself. It’s also been mentioned that Jake Busey is down for the return as well as Ace, though both of them would now be the old men on the set when it comes to the story, as they both would likely acknowledge. If anyone’s keeping count the original movie started off in 1997 and the latest movie came out in 2017 and was animated, with several familiar voices. It’s also easy to wonder if Denise Richards would possibly consider a cameo or perhaps showing up for the role of Carmen Ibanez once again, though that sounds like as stretch. With how the last movie went, a TV show could end up pulling a lot of fans back into the fold since it’s not hard to imagine that a lot of people watched the first movie and then called it quits since the second and third looked as though they were about to get a bit nuts, which they kind of did. With Casper Van Dien leading the way in the TV show however it’s very possible that people will at least decide to give it a shot since the idea is still sound, but the fact that the humans are still fighting the bugs is something that might have to continue to change since a war going on for this long is something that might become commonplace, hard as that is to say since war is terrible in reality or in fiction and can be extremely draining.

The story hasn’t changed much but it has obviously evolved just a bit since the weaponry is different, the armor is upgraded, and the fight in the last movie made it to Mars, which in many movies and TV shows has been entirely inhospitable to human life. Learning that bugs infiltrated that planet as well is enough to make them appear as indestructible, or at least as adaptable, as the xenomorphs from Aliens since they can obviously survive in very harsh climates that might otherwise be too barren for pretty much anything. But the one thing about the bugs in this franchise is that they are seen to be quite tough, not just when it comes to survival, but to kill as well since trying to count how many rounds it takes to put one down is next to impossible given that entire clips have been loaded into these things and they’re still able to keep coming even if they have to hobble. Of course, Carl Jenkins, played by Neal Patrick Harris, who would also be great to see back, put a single round in the nerve stem of a bug and put it down. The only problem with that is the fact that he did it in a controlled area where there wasn’t any immediate danger to his person. In the field it’s a bit different when a bug is moving towards a soldier and that one shot doesn’t present itself as well unless the bug wants to cooperate. Obviously that doesn’t happen too much as we’ve seen from the movies, and it wouldn’t be likely to happen in the TV show either.

But what the TV show will hopefully highlight is just how long the humans have been fighting and how things have changed on both sides since the bugs have had to adapt along with the humans in order to survive, and their mass numbers indicate that they know the best way to survive is to keep reproducing since their numbers are so easily replenished. While the average human takes years and even a couple of decades to fully mature, a bug can probably mature in a fraction of that time, meaning they would have the edge in numbers without much effort, and given their abilities they would be able to overrun any system in very short order. If not for Rico and his soldiers and others like them it’s very possible that the bugs would have already won since their tactics of mobbing and overtaking anything in their path are highly effective. In fact, it’s kind of amusing when using this story as a parallel with reality at the moment since thinking about the state of our country and the mobs that are trying to overrun and overturn what they see as a problem it’s very easy to see certain groups in a more negative light than they might desire.

Hopefully, plans for the show will begin to take shape at some point since it does sound like a good idea and, if they can get at least a few of the same actors, it would be great to see it on screen.

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