Are We Going to See Din vs. Bo-Katan?

Are We Going to See Din vs. Bo-Katan?

Are We Going to See Din vs. Bo-Katan?

Most fans know that this fight is coming, or are at least anticipating it since the way things went down on Moff Gideon’s ship makes it easy to think that Din Djarin, who now possesses the darksaber, and Bo-Katan Kryze, who seeks to rule Mandalore, are going to come to blows. The beginning of this feeling started when the two first met since after realizing their ideologies were so different, it became kind of obvious that they would get along on the condition that they were seeking to achieve the same goal. But Bo-Katan’s avarice, her desire to rule Mandalore, made it clear that she would go through anyone that she needed to to get what she wanted. Now Din ended up defeating Moff Gideon, the darksaber is his by right of combat, and the look on Bo-Katan’s face during the final episode of The Mandalorian season 2 made it easy to think that she’s going to be picking her spot when the time comes to challenge Din for the weapon. Whether she’ll be ready to duel to the death or not though is a question that will have to be answered in 2023 when The Mandalorian returns. 

At this rate, though it would appear that Bo-Kotan is hanging back and hasn’t given that much serious thought to what she’ll do. Or maybe she’s planning at the moment and will reveal her intentions when the show returns, which people are waiting on. The question now is who would be able to come out on top, since both are trained fighters and both are quite deadly when it comes to their overall skill set. It feels accurate to state that a lot of fans would state that Bo-Katan might have an edge since she’s a seasoned fighter and has likely been active longer than Din has. This fight would be something to watch, perhaps even better thank Koska Reeves vs. Boba Fett, which was a pretty good fight since it pits youth against age and it was likely that this would have been a vicious fight had it continued. 

Din is no slouch when it comes to fighting, and when it comes down to weaponry he and Bo-Katan have their own special weapons that help them out, but again, it would be an impressive fight to watch. Thinking that Bo-Katan might press any advantage she could is easy to assume since she wants the darksaber badly enough that one can imagine that she would just about anything in a fight since her supposed destiny is bound up in the dark blade. Din wouldn’t be in the fight right from the start since he doesn’t want to fight his fellow Mandalorians, and he doesn’t want to be the leader of the Mandalorians. He only fought Moff Gideon so that he could save Grogu, and he had no intention of keeping the darksaber, even though he still had it in his possession when his time in The Book of Boba Fett was over and done with. As it stands now, the thought is that when The Mandalorian comes back, things are going to push forward in a big way, but this confrontation is likely going to happen one way or another since it’s not something that can be pushed off for long. 

The way of the Mandalorians is quickly changing in the Star Wars universe and which direction it’s going to head in is uncertain yet since Bo-Katan and Din are bound to be at odds, and as long as Boba Fett is out in the galaxy it’s fair to say that he and Bo-Katan will never see eye to eye either. As of right now, the role of the Mandalorians in the Star Wars universe isn’t too different than what it’s been for a while, but things are changing, and they’re bound to keep changing. What The Mandalorian season 3 is going to show people is hard to say at the moment since to be fair, it was believed by some folks that Grogu would be staying with Luke Skywalker, but others were confident that he’d be coming back. It does make sense to think that Grogu would choose to stay with Din, as the Mandalorian has become his guardian throughout two seasons. 

But where things begin to get complicated is when it comes to the different sects of Mandalorians that have been revealed, and how it would appear that they don’t really get along. The thought that another faction might come into play as of season 3 makes it even harder to wonder what Din is going to do and whether or not Bo-Katan is going to become a problem instead of an ally. As of right now, there’s a lot of reason to think that the former will happen since Bo-Katan isn’t the type to give up. 

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