Madam Secretary: M-Sec Stranded in Ireland, Jay Has New Love Interest

Madam Secretary

Everything revolves around money. Doesn’t matter what it is. In this week’s episode of Madam Secretary, we see just how true it is. The Syrian refugee crisis is getting worse by the minute. Humanitarian aid falls $5 billion short of the nine billion needed to help those seeking refuge in Turkey. Yeah, donor struggle is real. Very real.

Seeing Germany, France, and the Emirates refuse to donate made me feel enraged. That, and China not willing to shell out the money makes me even more enraged. Here I thought that foreign minister Chen has a heart after watching him pay respects to those who died in the factory fire in episode 3. Now I see that he’s as cold and heartless as ever. In the end, it took exposing a Russian chess player of cheating at a tournament in Montreal for China to agree to donate $100 million dollars. As a result, the rest of the world, obviously, followed suit.

The scene where Jay conversed with Annelies De Runnow, the captain of the Dutch Chess Team, made me roll my eyes a little. I had a feeling that Jay would be romantically involved with Annelies. I didn’t know that it would be this soon in the episode. Yes, it’s been a long time since Jay had anything going his way in the love department, but that’s just way too obvious. I do, however, applaud her for wiping the floor with the Secretary’s Chief of Staff in not one, but two chess matches.

Back home in America, Alison clashes with Henry over relationship ideals. The former channels her inner Temperance Brennan, saying that she doesn’t believe in monogamy. She is comfortable to open-endedness and going with the flow. Her father, on the other hand, feels that Alison’s views are not rational. He attempts to talk to her, giving her advice on having proper communication within a relationship. His attempt, unfortunately, blew up in his face. Though it led to Alison planning to move out starting next semester, it was more fate than Henry’s meddling.

While we’re on the subject, we see Henry give a speech at the State Department on behalf of Elizabeth towards the end of the episode. The words were nothing short of inspiring. It spoke about family and challenging relationships. I have to say, it’s one of Tim Daly’s best scenes in the series thus far. That, and his rant about Russians being natural cheaters. You, go, Superman, you go!

Meanwhile, back at the airport, the Secretary can finally go home after eyjafjallajökull’s threat over planes taking off is all cleared. Turkey re-opened its borders, thanks to Elizabeth, to the Syrian refugees. Though the aid money is still $2 billion short, it’s still something that can be used to help said refugees rebuild their lives. A crisis like this hit me right in the feels. No nationality deserves to go through something like this. No one deserves to suffer like the Syrian refugees.

Funny Moments:

  • Elizabeth hijacking every outlet in the airport, preventing the Turkish foreign minister from charging his electronics. Karma at its finest.
  • This part was cut (thanks to an Instagram post by Geoffrey Arend) but there was a scene at the hotel where Elizabeth steals the hotel shampoo. They should’ve kept that in. Just saying.
  • Elizabeth’s sarcasm with Henry’s overprotectiveness of Alison. Hysterical!
  • Loved the chess puns that everyone threw at Jay for his budding relationship with Annelies. I applaud you, show!
  • Turkish foreign minister’s staff wanting to join in on the musical festivities like little kids. I chuckled.
  • Matt telling Amy to refer to the volcano situation as “Ai-yai-yai”. #LOL

Memorable Moments:

  • Loved the bird’s eye view shot of the airport floor while Elizabeth and her staff stood face-to-face with the Turks. Very chess-like.
  • The part where Annelies tells Jay that if it wasn’t for the Russian player eliminating her and her team, she would not be at the airport and meet Jay. Though she should really thank the volcano for grounding the planes. Just a thought.
  • The karaoke scene where everyone joined in singing and dancing. Goes to show that music truly brings people together.
  • Hearing Erich Bergen sing is comforting. In addition to knowing that he could sing from the first season, but I never heard him again. Man, the guy is musically gifted!
  • Elizabeth hating karaoke as much as Farahn. Wow. I look forward to hearing them do a duet together one day. Make it happen show!
  • Elizabeth finally pronounced the name of the volcano right. Kudos, Madam Secretary, kudos.

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