5 Terrible Forgotten TV Shows from the ’90s

sarah michelle gellar

As we often find ourselves watching reruns of amazing TV shows like Saved By the Bell and Seinfeld pretty much every morning or night when they still get aired, we’re fortunate enough that networks have refused to play a few titles that did, let’s just say, less than stellar the first time around. So while these shows may have either been hyped as the next great show back then or just flopped because the plot was terrible, they’re the most terrible forgotten TV shows from the ’90s.

5. Brotherly Love, NBC

“Whoa!” That’s all people could say in a negative reaction when this show about Joey Lawrence and his brothers Matthew and Andrew was seen on the TV screen, because it lacked any real humor for viewers to really latch onto. Solid move by Execs to put the three bros together to appeal to all different age groups of girls, but a poor job in executing the product.

4. Get Real, Fox

We guess not everything can be as good as Party of Five used to be, huh? With a cast of characters that included NCIS’ Eric Christian Olsen, The Social Network and Zombieland actor Jesse Eisenberg and Academy Award-winner Anne Hathaway, one would think this drama/comedy would be in good hands. It wasn’t, flopping big time. Who would have ever guessed a show about a normal-like family who lives in San Francisco could be so bad? We guess every family is truly dysfunctional if this one was.

3. Teen Angel, ABC

Before doing the research on this show about a high school boy who dies from eating a six-month-old burger, before returning to earth as his best friends guardian angel–seriously, that was the plot–we hadn’t realized that it had actually been a part of the ever popular TGIF lineup for a brief period of time. We already told you what the show was about, so do we really need to tell you anymore reasons why this didn’t pass the kid test and make it?

2. City Guys, NBC

Look, we’ll never batch the guy who created the TV show Saved By the Bell, Scott Engel, but, dammit, he really did a poor job trying to put a similar plot together with different characters, didn’t he? City Guys was a bit edgier and more “urban” than the clean-cut kids of Bayside High, but no one could be fooled into thinking it was its equal. About the only thing this had going for it was that one of the main character, Chris, was recognized in a flash by viewers as Gunnar Stahl from D2: The Mighty Ducks movie.

1. Swan’s Crossing, syndication

The first sign of a bad TV show? Hearing the words, “syndicated program.” While this TV show did in fact introduce us to future, mega-hottie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, that was about all it did to appeal to people. An overly-dramatic, rich daddy’s girl program before the craze of reality TV hit the airwaves, Swan’s Crossing proved to be a major swan drowning.

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