Archer 2.07 “Movie Star” Review

Archer 2.07 “Movie Star” ReviewI had a bit of trouble getting going on this review. I feel like I’ve already said what I wanted to say about the show and the season is only half over, so I asked my girlfriend what I should say about this week’s Archer.

“Um, that it was badass,” she said. It was. They all are.

Movie star Rona Thorne (played by Daily Show alum Rachel Harris) visits ISIS headquarters to research her role for a new spy movie, causing Lana and Archer to compete for her attention. Mallory, reminiscing about her short acting career, gets Cyril to help her write a screenplay. Meanwhile, Ray, Cheryl and Pam try to hatch a plan to plant Rona’s stolen diary back into her apartment before she notices.

Harris absolutely killed it as Rona Thorne, a fairly vacant movie starlet who hops on any new-age medicine or self-help bandwagon because it’s new and hip. Adam Reed’s brilliant writing really shines through with Harris’ (and everybody else’s) voice acting. With the series’ cast spread all over the country, each performer must record their part alone. Reed’s writing, along with the perfect acting, sounds so natural. It sounds like the entire cast recorded their parts together. The writing and acting are so magnificent that it’s easy to forget that Archer is a cartoon.

FX has a serious winner on their hands. As I said last week, Archer fits right in with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League and Louie. It’s a shame Archer won’t get as much recognition it deserves, despite H. Jon Benjamin being nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of Sterling Archer … and countless glowing reviews from critics. This show is not just Always Sunny or even Frisky Dingo funny, it’s Arrested Development funny.

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