Aquaman No More? Jason Momoa Might Play a Different Role in DCU

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The big story around the DCU and Warner Bros. is that things are going to be shaken up now that James Gunn has been made the co-CEO of the company, and it’s already being noted in the news that bold claims are being made concerning the foundation of the DCU. The idea of Supergirl being pushed ahead of Superman, at least in theory, and the Wonder Woman 3 movie being scrapped are just a couple of those ideas that might come to fruition and become history, but one idea that appears to be kind of counterintuitive to a lot of people is the idea of ending Jason Momoa’s tenure as the aquatic hero, Aquaman. Some folks indeed wondered at the appearance of this hero when he was first announced since, in all honesty, he’s been presented as white and blonde for his entire run in the DC Universe, but Momoa brought something interesting to the role that a lot of people embraced without question since the bearded, long-haired look and the tattoos created a character that a lot more people were able to enjoy and identify with. But thinking that he won’t be taking on the role of the ruler of Atlantis any longer is kind of tough to process. 

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Momoa has endured criticism and praise since taking on the role

Let’s be honest here: Aquaman’s character has had to endure a lot of criticism over the years since the common misconception was that his main power involved talking to sea life. As far as the Justice League went, a lot of people looked past Aquaman for their own reasons, but he’s been one of the more powerful individuals for quite a while, and Momoa brought a lot of respect to this role since he took on the part in a way that adhered to another culture that people hadn’t seen Aquaman embrace at all in his long history. But while some people clung to the idea of the traditional Aquaman, many others would come over to the idea that Momoa is the personification of a hero that is easier to understand and relate to since he belongs to two distinct worlds, and is torn between them when it comes to those he cares for. 

His career has been fairly steady over the years as he went from basic character to bonafide badass almost overnight

How many people remember that Momoa was once on Baywatch? He’s come a long way since then, and he’s played the villain as well as the hero, and he’s even played the guy that looks like a villain but is actually a powerful leader that a lot of people came to enjoy. He’s squared off against some of the most popular actors of all time in the movies, and as Khal Drogo, he became a fan favorite that was taken out before his time. Seriously, who would have loved to see Khal Drog still alive and kicking for the final siege of Winterfell? In any case, Momoa’s career has come a long way when it comes to the characters he’s been allowed to take on, and Aquaman is one that he definitely took and did his own thing with, at least as much as he was able. 

Who Is Lobo? Everything You Need to Know About DC Comics' Colorful Antihero

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There are other characters that Momoa could play if he sticks around

The DC Universe is filled with plenty of characters that Momoa could take on if he decides to stay with the DCU, but there is one, in particular, that would be interesting to see Jason portray since Lobo is one of those that has the kind of power and attitude that allows him to be the troublemaker from time to time. To see someone that could take on Superman and the rest of the Justice League and thrash them a bit would be fun since it would also be a chance to see Momoa as the villain again, which he’s proved to be quite good at. Someone who can take on the role of a hero or a villain is a prize in the industry since, with a strong enough fan base behind him, Jason could easily remain a dominant force in the DCU. 

Things are always bound to change, and it’s important to learn how to roll with them 

The DCU had to change at some point since it feels as though they were running on optimism that was borrowed or somehow fabricated in a manner that wasn’t going to be sustainable. While the WB has seen success with several DC projects, it’s still fair to say that they need to play catch-up in terms of cinematic achievements, no matter if it’s been stated that they’re not competing with the MCU at this time. That doesn’t really matter since, like it or not, their popularity still hasn’t reached the same level on the big screen, no matter what box office numbers say. 

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