Would Jason Momoa Make a Decent Lobo?

Would Jason Momoa Make a Decent Lobo?
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It sounds as though there are rumors swirling around DC concerning a certain character and an actor who could possibly play him, but as of now, there’s nothing for certain since, well, nothing is going to be confirmed until everyone is good and ready and the plans have been made. But thinking about Jason Momoa taking on the role of Lobo is kind of interesting since he’s already playing a DC character, which could mean that the rumors might stay just that, rumors.

Lobo is a tough and undeniably crude character, but these are qualities that make people like him since he’s also exceedingly powerful, enough so to bother Superman since the ‘Main Man’ knows how to be utterly ruthless and not bother with things like limits unless he truly feels the need. Momoa might be the most expected pick for this character since the truth is that he has the look and is able to turn on the aggression whenever he needs to in order to make the scene work. But whether or not this will be allowed is hard to say since, once again, he’s already playing a character in a DC movie. 

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It could be interesting to see Lobo take on Superman on the big screen. 

The Main Man and the man of steel have clashed more than a few times over the years on TV and in animated and comic form, but to see this kind of spectacle on the big screen would be impressive and it could be a great way to bring Lobo into the DCU since it’s fair to think that the destruction of Czarnia, which was his doing in the comics, could be seen as a great story for the franchise. It’s not likely that he would be brought in any time soon, but it’s easy to think that if this plan was to be made that it would be embraced by more than a few of the fans and would be given a great deal of respect if it were done correctly. There are a few reasons why Lobo would be a great character to pit against Superman, especially since it might mean that he would have to deal with the Justice League. 

Momoa is great at playing characters who aren’t entirely stable. 

Looking at the majority of the characters that Momoa has played, it’s easy to state that he’s played several aggressive characters that have been seen to go nuts on people from time to time. The truth is that Lobo is bound to go megaton on people if he gets offended, but there are moments of reasonable behavior that make him appear as though he might be able to experience a few calm mo moments from time to time. But given the fact that Momoa can go nuts on screen when he needs to, it’s fun to think that he could play this character quite well and not have to adjust his style of acting all that much. Even as Aquaman, he’s been allowed to go a bit savage, and it’s easy to think that he could remain aggressive for a good part of the time if he had to for this type of character. 

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It feels as though it’s past time to see Lobo in the theaters. 

He’s shown up on TV before, but as of yet this character hasn’t been a part of the movies yet, and it does feel as though he should have been included a long time ago. Maybe DC wasn’t ready to show someone quite as crazy as he is, or maybe they hadn’t found someone they thought could make the role work. But the point is that the Main Man should have been included far more than he has been at this point, and bringing him into the mix would be considered long overdue by a lot of fans. The fact that he’s so OP shouldn’t be much of an issue since he would fit right in with the rest of the DC characters, who are all larger than life when it comes to their power and skill sets. 

The biggest hurdle would be setting Lobo against the Justice League. 

It might be fun to see him go up against a few members of the Justice League, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and even Green Lantern, if he’s going to be added in eventually. But as of now, it feels as though putting him against the JL would be a great idea since, while individual battles might be tougher, it feels as though pitting Lobo against the entire league would be kind of fun to see. Fans already know that he can take down the likes of Superman, but it would be great to see the others stack up against him. 

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