Bridget Moynahan, ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Mourns Death of Co-Star Brad William Henke

Fans worldwide were shocked by the heartbreaking news that Brad William Henke passed away. His death was a cause for alarm because no one could have ever guessed that the star would be leaving us at the young age of 56.

There is nothing more humbling than seeing a star take the time to honor someone who has passed away. Bridget Moynahan, a “Blue Bloods” star, posted a tribute expressing her grief when actor Brad William Henke passed away.

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Who Was Brad William Henke

The sensation was a man full of talent and character, and it was no surprise that he turned out to be such a sensation, gathering admiration from millions of fans across the globe. We first fell in love with him while he was still a player in the National Football League. His football career began at the University of Arizona, and the New York Giants later drafted him in 1989. However, Brad’s days with the team were short-lived, as he was cut just before training camp. This resulted in him being signed by the Denver Broncos. He was simply astonishing, and from this, we could see he valued hard work, determination, and, most of all, resilience. If this doesn’t make him a man worthy of praise, then I don’t know what does.

He later, in 1994, decided to retire from football, and while it was a bit emotional and teary to see him leave, he had better days waiting for him. Brad became an actor, and he landed major role after major role. We see him in stellar shows such as Dexter and Orange Is The New Black. The world has honestly lost a jewel.

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His Acting Career

Brad was, by no chance, an extremely talented actor. One of his major works was when he starred in Going to California alongside Sam Trammell. The show was aired between August 2021 and February 2002 and had an impressive 20 episodes. The show was about two friends on a road trip across the U.S., showing their events in California. Brad appeared in the episode “Lily of the field,” created by Scott Rosenberg.

Aside from Dexter and Orange Is The New Black, he also starred in Justified.

Credit: @bradwilliamhenke

Bridget Moynahan Sad Message to Brad William Henke

After hearing the tragic news of Brad’s death, Bridget shared an emotional tribute on her Instagram page with the whole world. From the message, we could see that Bridget had great respect for the actor. It is honestly so heartbreaking seeing a loved one pass away, and her tribute expressed her sorrow.

“Had the pleasure of spending time on [the] set of [Going to California] with [Henke] early in my career,” Bridget wrote on Instagram on December 2. “A kind, generous and talented man. Shocking news, as he was way too young. Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.”

Credit: @bridgetmoynahan

Brad William Henke Passed Away In His Sleep

On November 29, The Dexter actor died in his sleep. Matt DelPiano was his manager, and he was the one who broke the news to us.

“Brad was an incredibly kind man of joyous energy,” DelPiano told TMZ. “A very talented actor, he loved being a part of this community….and we loved him back. Our thoughts are with his wife and family.”

Credit: @bradwilliamhenke

The cause of his death, however, was not mentioned leaving fans with questions that I feel should be answered. In his life, Brad had a couple of issues that he had freely shared on his Instagram. In May 2021, he posted that he had a 90% blockage in an artery, and almost one month later, he posted that he had two stents in his heart. This shockingly wasn’t it. Brad had a tumor that had to have him remove half of his pancreas. To the relief of his fans at the time, Brad announced that he was now cancer free. These serious conditions shocked us each time, but none explained his sudden death at the prime age of 56.

His last post was on August 13 and directed to his fans.

“Hope you are all well – I’m going to try not to look at Instagram for a month because I waste too much time looking at the reels.”

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