Why Lobo Should Get His Own Movie In The DC Cinematic Universe

Why Lobo Should Get His Own Movie In The DC Cinematic Universe

Why Lobo Should Get His Own Movie In The DC Cinematic Universe

If DC wants to give lesser-known characters their own movies, why not Lobo? He doesn’t sound like an interesting character on the surface, but just look into him and you’ll discover he’s but uninteresting. This character has gone villain to anti-hero throughout his years and both heroes and villains dislike him. If you’ve read some Lobo comics or even watched the animated shows where he makes an appearance, you’ll understand why. He has the most eccentric and abrasive personality out of every comic book character and he doesn’t care. Sounds like Deadpool has a competitor, huh?

So what is it about Lobo that comic fans love so much, despite him being a huge douchebag? Well, the short answer is a lot. Think of him as a dark and twisted fusion of Wolverine, Deadpool, Cable, the Punisher, and Ghost Rider. How? Well, for one, he’s an alien who works as mercenary/bounty hunter. His powers include superhuman strength, durability, and possesses an accelerated healing factor. He loses a limb, he can grow it back. Heck, if his body blows up, he’ll regenerate. Sounds like Wolverine and Deadpool have a true DC competitor.

Oh, and on top of having the crazy fast healing factor, he’s basically immortal. He doesn’t age and he’s immune to pretty much every illness or disease. Again, Lobo takes a lot of notes from Deadpool and Wolverine. In fact, the guy was literally expelled from the afterlife, both heaven and hell, much like Deadpool was cursed to never die by Lady Death, simply because she got tired of him. I mean, where do the similarities stop?

Well, he’s actually way smarter than both Deadpool and Wolverine. Lobo is loud and obnoxious, but he also surprisingly has a great scientific mind. The best example: he concocted a deadly plague that killed the whole population on his home planet of Czarnia. Why did he do it? He wanted to conduct his own science experiment. Yeah, he’s a messed up dude, but he’s also a genius. And much like Wolverine, he has superhuman senses, including his sense of smell. How do you think he tracks targets from halfway across the universe?

Now Lobo may have superhuman strength, but he does carry weapons. His main weapon of choice is a very long chain made of titanium alloy with a very big hook at the end of it. This is his signature weapon and his melee weapon that he keeps wrapped around his wrist, so it’s always on him. So a bladed weapon that he always has on him? Taking more notes from Wolverine, isn’t he? But he’s also taken notes from Deadpool and Cable as well, considering he carries enough firearms and advanced explosives to become the ultimate walking armory.

But how does Lobo make his way around the universe, you ask? Well, this is where he takes some serious notes from Ghost Rider. Lobo has his own special motorcycle that allows him to travel in space. He calls it the “Space Hog”. This space-faring motorcycle is like Lobo’s personal guard dog. The Space Hog is always with him, it obeys his every commands, and if it gets separated from it, all he has to do is whistle and it comes racing back to him. There is no Lobo without the Space Hog.

And if Lobo still isn’t cool enough for you, he also likes smoking cigars. Yeah, this guy is basically the alien version of Wolverine and Deadpool, there’s no doubt about it now. The only difference between them is that if you don’t have a cigar that he likes, Lobo will probably kill you. Hey man, Lobo is probably the only psychopathic comic book character that we like because he’s a psychopath. I’m pretty sure even Deadpool might be horrified of his crazy antics.

But you know what? That is precisely why we need a Lobo movie in the DC Cinematic Universe. I’d like to think of Lobo being the Deadpool/Wolverine of the DCEU. He certainly has the personality and abilities of the two Marvel heroes, but there’s a lot more the DCEU can do with him. For me, I would take a solo movie where Lobo just flies around on Space Hog and does his usual bounty hunting business. However, they can go even bigger by having him team-up with other DC heroes.

Yeah, I know, Lobo isn’t exactly known for being a team-player. But the thing is, that’s exactly why it would be interesting to see him join a team of DC heroes or anti-heroes. Ever since the DC Rebirth event, Lobo was a member of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad, a very fitting team for someone like him. After that, Batman detonated a bomb in his head to free him from Maxwell Lord, knowing he would regenerate. So how did Lobo repay him? He took up Batman’s offer to join his own Justice League. Batman’s league included heroes like Black Canary, The Atom, Vixen, The Ray and also included anti-heroes like Killer Frost. Lobo was pretty much the elephant in the room, even with Killer Frost on the team.

But hey, every team needs an elephant in the room. Lobo was the perfect character for Batman’s Justice League and he was surprisingly very effective. This is the kind of thing we can see from Lobo in the DCEU. If we don’t get a solo movie, we can certainly get a movie where Lobo joins a team of DC anti-heroes. He’ll be the one guy on the team that nobody likes, but they’ll tolerate him because he’s useful in a fight. Can he change his violent ways if he works with heroes? Probably not, but we should keep it that way. It’ll just be fun to see Lobo do his thing and watch him work with DC heroes. I can only imagine the type of banter he’ll exchange with heroes like Batman or Superman. Heck, just imagine a conversation between him and Harley Quinn.

So what do you think, DC fans? If DC does plan for a Lobo movie, I’d be very curious to see who they would pick to play him. Now as for director, reports suggested that Warner Bros. was eyeing Michael Bay to direct. Yeah, I can’t imagine too many DC fans being excited for that. I’m not fully on the Michael Bay hate train, but Lobo doesn’t deserve the Transformers treatment. Bay can probably give us some awesome action scenes, but then again, so can dozens of other directors. Either way, I just can’t wait for Lobo to make his DCEU debut.

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