10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anya Chalotra

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anya Chalotra

Anya Chalotra

There seem to be a lot of new faces coming to the table that have been on the fringes or been hanging around for a while but are now gaining in prominence as their star begins to shine a little brighter. Anya Chalotra seems poised and ready to take her career to new heights at this time, but it would almost seem as though the fans might not be quite as welcoming, at least not for one of the projects that she’s about to take on. Hopefully her performance will be enough to silence any doubters and allow any haters to open their eyes a little more in order to see just how great she can be. The one thing about actors is that having a thin skin doesn’t exactly endear them to the job, though at this point it seems as though Anya might be able to take the criticisms and keep striding forward, much as anyone can expect.

Here are a few things about Anya you might not have known.

10. She’s been a theater actress for a while.

Anya isn’t a newbie when it comes to standing in front of a crowd to deliver a performance, so it’s fair to say that she’s entirely comfortable when it comes to performing. The only thing that might be holding her back at this time is that she doesn’t have a lot of credits to her name in terms of TV and movies.

9. Anya is in her 20s at this time.

If what she’s doing now doesn’t pan out she has a lot of time left to her considering that she’s still fairly young. Being in your 20s affords people a lot of chances that have yet to be examined and a great deal of longevity in the acting industry.

8. Her net worth seems to be around $100,000.

There are sites that would state that she’s worth a great deal more than this but it all depends on which sites have been updated most recently and which are simply grasping for a number to give to those that are interested.

7. There’s not a lot of personal information on her at this time online.

More information is bound to come as time goes on, but at the moment what can be divined about Anya is mostly related to the business and her place in it. Any personal information is fleeting and doesn’t really seem to be that in-depth. Her family and personal information isn’t all that extensive just yet, but that could be a good thing too.

6. Her social media presence is still building at this time.

She does have a presence on social media but it would seem that she doesn’t take the time to post as much as it could mean that she’s constantly busy or just isn’t as interested in letting everyone know what she’s doing at any given time. It is permissible to have a life away from the internet after all.

5. It sounds as though fans of The Witcher are annoyed at her casting as Yennefer.

Fans are going to be notoriously fickle for any number of reasons, but while The Witcher looks like it might be a great series coming to Netflix, a lot of them have expressed their distaste with someone that looks as young as Anya playing the part of a woman that’s supposed to be of a different age. Oh yes, fans will gripe about anything and everything.

4. She seems quite taken by imagery.

Just looking at the photos on her Instagram account it would seem that imagery is something that catches Anya’s eye now and again. This is kind of interesting since a lot of people tend to post more personal photos and glamour shots, while some might actually take the time to notice the world around them.

3. Due to her familial roots she follows Hinduism.

You tend to follow what you feel closest to and in truth Hinduism is an interesting culture and religion that she clings to in a way that speaks of her love and devotion to it. To each their own when it comes religion and lifestyles, especially if a person isn’t harming anyone by doing so.

2. Her personal interests are fairly mundane.

Reading, shopping, and a few other things have been listed as her favorite things to do, which is pretty common for a lot of people it would seem, though if she has any favorite outdoor activities she’s been kind of mum on the subject.

1. She was said to be romantically involved with a journalist but that seems to be over.

Her love life hasn’t been such a great interest to people other than to give another little tidbit on her that people might want to know. But really, that kind of personal information seems best left alone more often.

She’s on her way up it would seem, so all the best to her.

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