Five Things You Didn’t Know About Delta Goodrem

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Delta Goodrem

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Delta Goodrem

There is no shortage of talent in the world of music; however, every now and then someone comes along that totally takes the world by storm. One such person is Delta Goodrem. Delta is a multi-talented singer and songwriter who also serves as a judge on The Voice Australia. The Sydney-born performer has had her share of challenges and upsetting encounters, but she continues to rise and recover. While many of Delta’s fans are aware of her talent and her amazing beauty, many are not aware of what makes her tick and what separates her from everyone else. We decided to share a few facts about Delta that will help you become more familiar with the exceptionally talented young phenomenon.

1. She Started Her Professional Music Career at Age 15

While most 15-year-olds are going crazy over boys and learning how to apply makeup, Delta signed her first professional contract at the age of 15, and shortly thereafter released her debut album, Innocent Eyes (2003), which currently stands as the best-selling debut album of the 2000s decade in the country of Australia.

2. She Recorded Her Second Album While Fighting Cancer

In 2004, Delta was diagnosed with cancer and she announced it to the world. Amazingly, she did not allow her cancer diagnosis to stop her from being involved with her first love, music. Instead, she recorded her entire sophomore album entitled mistaken identity. This album would also rise to the number one status producing several number one singles, including Out of the Blue.

3. She Has a Thing for Kale Smoothies

In case you haven’t noticed, Delta has an amazing body, and while some of it is genetic, she also works very hard on staying fit. Also, her encounter with cancer challenged her to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A part of her lifestyle adjustment includes daily kale smoothies. As a person who drinks kale and arugula smoothies daily, I can tell you that it is definitely an acquired taste. Nevertheless, Delta says she absolutely loves kale smoothies.

4. She Is Not Much Into Tradition

Delta is a free spirit that likes to live life without imposed boundaries enforced by traditional thinking. For instance, it is a traditional line of thought that you are not supposed to wear hats indoors; however, Delta is one who believes that you should do whatever floats your boat. That hat is not bothering anyone. She believes that as long as it does not physical impact someone else, you should be able to do whatever you want. If you want to wear devil ears, a tiara, or even a hat indoors, go for it.

5. She is a Low-Key Feminist

At a time in which women are demanding respect and equal footing in the workplace and in entertainment, the term “feminism” is taking on an entirely new meaning. Delta has not been shy about her support of women who are shooting for the stars in lieu of taking on traditional roles. She hopes that her career and community work will inspire other women to pursue their dreams without succumbing to the traditional influences on what is expected of and from women.

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