Another Silent Hill Movie is Coming

Another Silent Hill Movie is Coming
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The first inclination when hearing about another Silent Hill movie is that a third attempt at creating something that could help to turn people on to this story isn’t likely to go any further than the second movie did. But it does sound as though this new movie won’t be attached to the two that have come before, meaning that it’s a new chance to create a story that can really do justice to the games that people have enjoyed for so long.

With that being said, though, it’s fair to assume that a lot of people will have plenty to say, given that Silent Hill doesn’t have a solid reputation when it comes to its place in cinema at this time. The idea is great, but the attempts haven’t really done a great job of holding to the story that people have come to believe in. What a third movie is going to be able to do is anyone’s guess since the general idea is that if a movie isn’t connected to those that came before, there are various upsides and downsides that can be expected. 

There's another Silent Hill movie in development |

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It does sound as though several of the creatures that made it into the first couple of movies will be kept around. 

Whatever happens to the movie and the way it’s told, it does sound that some of the more iconic creatures will be kept around, though it does sound as if they’re going to change a bit as well, just to make them more modern and easier for fans to accept. How this will affect the way that fans view the movie is hard to say, but there are a few folks out there that are adamant about the idea that it could turn what might amount to anticipation into criticism since design often has a lot to do with the approval that fans grant a movie based on one of their favorite stories. 

There are going to be updates, as one would expect. 

At some point, this is going to sound kind of redundant, but a lot of stories have been given a serious update when it comes to adapting them to the current era. Some movies and series end up going back in time and adhering to the styles and fashions that were popular at that given time, but Silent Hill is one that feels as though it could be updated in order to bring this story further into the current era so that fans don’t feel as though the place is stuck in a set time.

Plus, it’s already been stated that the world of Silent Hill is one that can be adapted to be whatever it needs to be, though it’s fair to think that keeping it as close to the base that’s been created would be wise since trying to take things too far ahead and change them in ways that fans won’t appreciate has been done before, and it hasn’t yielded great results.

Trying to update a movie while keeping it as close to the source material as possible hasn’t always been the common practice among filmmakers, but it’s smart when a director thinks ahead to what the fans might say, even if they’re bound to see dollar signs instead of the thousands of comments that are going to be online the moment that people manage to see the movie. 

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How much is Silent Hill going to change? 

Again, as redundant as this might be, there’s no way to know what’s going to happen until the people who are on top of matters such as this start getting the news of the week when it comes to production images and snippets of the storyline that tend to come out long before the movie ever arrives.

Even then, it’s fair to assume that some directors are going to do what they can to lead people off of the scent in order to keep anyone from making an accurate guess of how the story is going to go and what’s going to happen. One great thing about Silent Hill is that it can change and show new material without being too far off the mark since the story is one of those that manages to offer more than one viewpoint from which to work. 

It’s not bound to hit the theaters for a while. 

Considering that 2022 is almost over, it’s easy to think that this movie will be heading to the fans in 2023, or at least that’s the assumption at this time. Thinking that it could appear sometime next year makes one think that it might not be as impressive as some might hope it will be, but there have been a few tales that have emerged in a short amount of time that were rather impressive. Like always, all we can do is sit back and see what happens. 

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