10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anna Golka-Yepez

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anna Golka-Yepez

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anna Golka-Yepez

Anna Golka-Yepez is not everyone’s cup of tea, but she probably should be. She calls her style a maximalist, and she’s not wrong. While most people wouldn’t find themselves influenced to dress quite as she dresses, we do find ourselves influenced to adapt to her mindset. She’s a fashion influencer who is not afraid to do her own thing. Even if it’s not our particular style, we cannot deny she is rocking every look she shares, she is truly a style icon, and she is a role model. We adore her, and we think you need to know her.

1. She’s From SoCal

She’s doing her thing living in Southern California. She’s from the Orange County area, which is known for its beautiful views, its gorgeous style, and the beautiful people who live there. With such amazing places as Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, it is the kind of place that really makes you want to find inspiration everywhere you look.

2. She Spent Time in London

When she was in college, she spent a little time studying in London. It was a big deal for her, and she loved it. She was able to study design while she was there. She was enrolled as a student for a semester at the London College of Fashion. She’d already finished her own college degree and wanted to sample a little more for herself.

3. She loves Fashion

When it comes to fashion, she’s a beauty and fashion blogger who loves very specific things. She’s very much into vintage clothing and she also loves jewelry. However, she’s also a fan of specific trends, though she tends to shy away from those a little more than not.

4. She Really Loves Style

Style is not the same thing as fashion. Style is personal. Fashion is a big, universal thing that everyone can see and take part in. Style, however, is highly personal. You are the only one who can rock your own style and see yourself and feel like yourself from a very specific point of view. It’s a big deal, but it’s something she loves.

5. She is a Married Mother

She loves style and fashion, but she also loves spending time with her husband and their son. Her little family is adorable, and they are clearly very happy together. They love to visit flea markets and spend time doing things such as going out together for a good meal.

6. She Has No Rules

When it comes to her fashion and style, she doesn’t have any rules. She sticks to feelings. She doesn’t worry so much about the rules as she does about wearing what she feels good in and what makes her feel good. If she likes how she looks and feels in it, then she’ll wear it. That really is all that matters to her.

7. She is Accustomed to the Negativity

Because she’s not a traditional fashionista like so many of the people on social media all shilling the same quick, cheap fashion from Amazon and Walmart and Pink Lilly, she gets a lot of hate. She is often sent negative comments, but we feel that these negative comments speak more to the people sending them than to this fashionable influencer. Afterall, fashion and style are highly personal, and who cares how someone else dresses?

8. She Loves Helping

While she’s not in the business to change lives, she does on occasion. She loves when someone sends her a message telling her that she is the reason they are more comfortable in their own skin and with their own style. If you’re going to influence someone, isn’t that the highest form of influential compliment? To make someone feel more comfortable, more themselves, and more like they want to feel? That’s a huge deal.

9. She Feels People Should Do What Makes Them Happy

It really is a simple thought, and we are here for it. Do what makes you happy. Wear what makes you happy. Stop worrying about how others feel or what they are thinking, and do what makes you happy. At the end of the day, why wouldn’t you want to be happy yourself? Is it more important to make others feel happy, or is it more important to be happy? We think it’s more important to be happy.

10. She is an Icon

Love her style or hate it – it doesn’t matter. You cannot deny that she is an icon. She’s a woman who is doing what makes her happy, wearing what brings her joy, and putting herself out there for the world to criticize, and all she’s doing is living her best life. That’s iconic, and she’s someone the world could look up to. We need more people just promoting happiness and individuality.

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