The Anime Villains You’ll Meet in Real Life (Comic)

Looking at certain anime villain stereotypes you get the feeling that you’ve met these people in the real world at least once or twice. Or maybe you’ve run across their type and wondered just what their issue was. In any case if you approached them you surely found out very quickly that they were not to be messed with. Some of them might have seemed nice on the outside but like a block of ice on the inside. The truly villainous people are those that can fool you into either thinking that they’re worth being around or are worth saving somehow. The sad fact is that the most altruistic person in the world wouldn’t be able to save some of these individuals. They’re simply too wrapped up in their effort to be bad to safely consider an attempt at finding their better nature.

The weirdo is the person that laughs at things you simply don’t understand and does it in a way that sets your nerves on edge. They might be fun when they drink and have this odd sense of humor that keeps life interesting but they also make you wonder if you should turn your back on them, like ever. They’re the kind of folks that tend to have the crazy eyes and want to tell you something in a weird, manic voice that makes everything the say sound like it’s about to be a huge government secret that you just need to know about.

The well-dressed one is perhaps one of the most dangerous because quite often they have influence, power, money, and a nasty streak that’s hidden away by their sense of style and professionalism. Chances are that these folks are absolute freaks when they drop the act, but on the outside, around those that don’t know them, they’re just slick and need to present a front that’s all professional and completely polished.

The people that are really bad at being bad are kind of hopeless but you don’t want to look past them because that’s your butt on the line if you do. Remember Syndrome from The Incredibles? He’s the guy that was really bad at being bad since he tended to overlook everything and everyone simply because he had something to prove. Sure he was smart and had a lot of cool inventions but he didn’t figure on a lot of things, like what might happen if he steals a baby that comes from a super-powered family, or what could happen if he wore a cape around a jet turbine.

The bad guy that goes good is kind of like the antihero, or at least the guy you don’t need to worry as much about. These people tend to go their own way and keep to themselves a lot since they’ve seen enough of the world and know that what they’ve done in the past wasn’t so nice. They might try to turn over a new leaf but that old life keeps nagging at them and reminding them what happens when they get too close to anyone.

The absolute psycho is the one you stay away from without question. They’re too quiet, they brood way too much, and there’s no way to tell just what’s going on in their head. While the others are able to convey what they mean in ways that are fairly easy to guess or at least divine, this person doesn’t give anything away. Step, away, slowly.

Comic via Dorkly

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