10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angélica Ksyvickis

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angélica Ksyvickis

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angélica Ksyvickis

Angelica Ksyvickis is better known by just her first name. She’s a television presenter, she’s an actress, and she is a singer from Brazil. She’s so famous in her home country that she doesn’t need to go by her last name. She’s like Beyonce or Madonna in that aspect of her life. She’s someone who has been in the entertainment business for a long time; since 1988 to be precise. She’s spent her life in front of a camera or an audience, and she’s become a pro at handling her life in the public eye. If you don’t know much about her, however, we’ve brought you every detail you could imagine.

1. She is in her 40s

Angelica was a child born and raised in the 70s. Her date of birth is November 30, 1973. She will celebrate her 48th birthday in 2021, though she doesn’t look at all like a woman closer to 50 than to 40. She’s remarkably beautiful, and she clearly takes care of herself.

2. She’s Been Working Since She Was a Child

She was only four when she was chosen as Brazil’s most beautiful child. That happened when she was part of a variety show, and things just seemed to work out well for her from that point on. She was only a child, but she knew then she’d spend some of her life focused on being in this industry.

3. She Became a Presenter as A Teen

By the time she was only 13, she was tapped to host a kids’ show in Brazil. The show was, “Clube da Crianca,” and she was asked to replace the former child host of the show, Xuna. She took over, and she was an instant hit. The fans loved her, and her career was propelled into instant stardom.

4. She Is Close to Her Family

She grew up with her mother, father, and a sister in her life. They remain close to this day, and they spent much of their childhood in Santo Andre. She shares the name Angelica with her own mother. Her father is Francisco, and her sister is a producer by the name of Marcia Marba.

5. She’s Married

Not only is Angelica married, but she is also married to a man who is familiar with the ins and outs of her industry. He is also a television host, and he is an entrepreneur. Their busy schedules are familiar to one another, which is one reason their marriage works. His name is Luciano Huck. They met, fell in love, and got married back in 2004.

6. She’s a Mom

Following her wedding to her husband in 2004, she and her new husband decided to start having children right away. Their first son was born in 2005. Their second son was born in 2007, and their daughter was born in 2012. Their children are Joaquim, Benicio, and Eva.

7. She is Popular on Instagram

She’s a woman who is exceptionally popular on Instagram. She has more than 14 million followers, which puts her into serious influencer status. If she wants to collaborate with brands and change the world one influenced person at a time, she can do it and do it while being paid handsomely.

8. She is a Yoga Fan

When she has the free time to work out and to take care of herself, she does so quite well. She enjoys yoga, and she sometimes shares her practice online. She shares videos of herself as she practices. She teaches breathwork and so much more, but the point of this story is that she knows the value of good yoga and just how well it can enhance your life.

9. She is a Grateful Woman

Angelica is grateful. She has a good life, a great husband, beautiful kids, the career of her dreams, and so much more. She gets up every day in a body that works for her and allows her to thrive, and she is ever so grateful for all of it. She’s living a life she loves, and she gives back as often as she can. The number one way she can give back to those around her, too, is by being thankful and grateful for her life.

10. She’s Private

She’s been in the public eye since she was a child, but she does appreciate some privacy. She and her husband do their best to ensure that their kids are shielded from the press and photographers. They have a relatively normal life, and they appreciate that tremendously.

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