An Ocean’s Eleven Prequel? No Thanks

An Ocean’s Eleven Prequel? No Thanks

An Ocean’s Eleven Prequel? No Thanks

Margot Robbie has been in the news quite a bit in recent years pertaining to the roles she’s taken on, and to be fair she’s deserved the praise that has been heaped on her since she’s come up in the world quite a bit since she was noticed as a serious actress. From her time in The Wolf of Wall Street to her time as the maniacal Harley Quinn, Robbie has become one of the most notorious actresses in show business, and her upcoming Barbie movie is likely only going to strengthen that credibility. But another Ocean’s Eleven movie sounds like it could be a recipe for mediocrity or a simply bland movie that’s trying to mimic the movies that many people already liked while insisting that it’s not mimicking anything. Ocean’s 8 already came and went and didn’t do nearly as much as some folks hoped, so the idea of trying to do anything else in the Ocean’s franchise is bound to make it clear that there are hurdles to be overcome, and that fans are going to find it tough to work past any personal bias. 

Casting Robbie is already a step in the right direction since she can convince people that her character is genuine and that she has the acting chops to make this role work, but at the same time, the realization is that she would still need a stellar cast around her to sell this idea. Plus, there is a thought that perhaps, since this is meant to be a prequel, her character could have something to do with why there are so many added security measures that Ocean and his group have to make their way past. There’s no doubt that security measures in Las Vegas are great enough that it would take a truly determined thief to get past them, but it does feel that over the years that the vault defenses have increased thanks to the thoughts of what a thief would look for. 

The reason for saying ‘nah’ to this movie is kind of simple, the idea has been done a couple of times. It’s been done in the past, then it’s been rebooted/remade, and then it was given another movie that tried to copy the three that came before it, to a less than stellar effect. Trying to think that Robbie would be able to pull this off doesn’t inspire a serious loss of faith in her abilities, but it does make one think that like several actors she was convinced that this was a good idea, and in truth, it sounds like something that could turn out to be a flop that she didn’t need on her IMDb page. One thing that is kind of uplifting is that this movie isn’t a sure thing yet, and while work could begin on the movie by 2023, it does sound as though nothing has come of it yet. That doesn’t mean much in show business, since it could be that this story will be pushed forward all the same, even if there’s nothing that great to go on other than the idea of a heist movie, which has been done many, many times before.

The truth is that there are a lot of heist movies that have been created over the last few decades, and despite the difference in cast and plot, many of them are typically the same. There’s a reason, there’s an ulterior motive, and there’s a winner and a loser by the time the credits roll. The success of such movies usually comes from the acting and the overall complexity, or simplicity, of the movie. It does feel as though the Ocean’s movies have been done, looked at again and again, and then done again, and it might be time to move on from them and come up with a heist movie that not only doesn’t focus on Las Vegas since this city has a huge target that makes it the prime location for many movies and stories that want to talk about what it would take to rob one place or another. In all honesty, Vegas is a place that opens itself up to many stories, especially to those that happen to have the knack for it. 

But while this story might still roll out in some way, shape, or form, it’s a hard pass from us at this point simply because the Ocean’s theme has been done a few things and it does feel as though it’s time to move on for it as of now. Some might not agree, and the idea might continue to roll forward, but so be it. It’s my opinion, an opinion keep in mind, that this story won’t be as convincing as those that came before it. The prequel might top Ocean’s 8, but with all due respect, that’s kind of a low bar to reach for. 

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