An Awesome Mashup of the Movie Trailers of 2019

An Awesome Mashup of the Movie Trailers of 2019

An Awesome Mashup of the Movie Trailers of 2019

Every year there’s a good chance of having a stellar time at the movies or feeling that you just witnessed a long series of flops that will hopefully be forgotten eventually. 2019 hasn’t been much different since there have been great movies and there have been those that we definitely expected to be something worthwhile but instead turned out to be a waste of money, depending on a person’s opinion. The mashup we’re given in this video makes it look as though the year was filled with high expectations and that we couldn’t possibly have anything negative to say about any movie that graced the screen, but all one needs to do is look on social media to discover that people will ALWAYS have something to say as Kathryn Coffey of Odyssey can agree with, and that it won’t always be pleasant. Sleepy Skunk had the right of it at least since some of these movies were insanely popular while others were kind of WTF moments. Some of the comedies were hard to take while others were absolutely insane. Despite any thoughts to the contrary however this year was strangely balanced between great and horrible movies. From comedy to action to horror to drama there was plenty of entertainment between the big and small screens that had something for everyone.

One thing that’s kind of obvious is that Disney was a dominant force in the theaters this year since Avengers:Endgame and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker kind of capped off the year nicely despite the few months that people were waiting for Endgame to come out. Ashley Rodriguez of Quartz has more on this. Not everyone will see the year in this manner, but for many fans it’s been seen that Disney is continuously rising and is taking over the big screen in a way that’s hard to deny. Many other movies are still getting noticed and still attracting fans and the casual observer that might stop and see what could be interesting or intriguing enough to watch, but the Mouse House is without a doubt racking up some of the biggest numbers. Superhero movies this year were still in demand, at least until people went to watch movies such as X-Men: Dark Phoenix and realized just how badly the group is still being mishandled. Endgame, which was a major event in the MCU, was and is still being subjected to a great amount of scrutiny that has provided positive and negative feedback alike despite being one of the highest-grossing movies of all time.

There were plenty of movies that didn’t wow the audience but were expected to like IT: Chapter 2, which was highly anticipated but somehow didn’t come off as great as it should have considering all that people expected. Thankfully the movies stuck closer to the book despite the change in time period, but of course there were a few controversial scenes that were likely never going to make it in for obvious reasons. Among horror movies it was likely the most anticipated, but once people saw it on the big screen the expectations were left hanging in a way that still leaves a sour taste in the mouths of some folks. The dramas of this year were kind of up and down as well, as were the action movies. It’s normal for the most part that some movies will be heavily regarded as success stories while others will make people wonder why the attempt was even made, like Gemini Man. Even the trailers didn’t look particularly great, but the movie itself was kind of a ‘meh’ ride the whole way through as one waited for the action to ramp up only to see it die down just as quickly.

The drama movies were like that as well, though one among them, The Irishman, was seen to create a huge buzz for one reason or another since the story of Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran was one that people grew insanely interested in since it had something to do with the famous Jimmy Hoffa, who many people might recognize by name but to this day don’t know much about. Zack Sharf of IndieWire had his own take on this. The movie wasn’t bad but it was definitely long and required one to pay close attention to in order to really get the idea of what was going on and why it was important. All in all it was another movie that contributed to a year that wasn’t bad when it came to the overall mix of action, horror, drama, comedy, and everything in-between. The entertainment came fast and furious over the last twelve months and 2020 is already shaping up to be another great year for the movies as we continue on with some series and say goodbye to others at the close of this year. What the next decade will bring is anyone’s guess since even if it is mapped out, there’s no telling how the audience will react to what’s still to come.

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