Who Should Play Blue Beetle in the Eventual Movie?

Who Should Play Blue Beetle in the Eventual Movie?

Who Should Play Blue Beetle in the Eventual Movie?

Whoever DC is looking at casting as the Blue Beetle is going to depend largely on how they decide to play the story, but if they’re looking for a perfect Jaime Reyes then Victor Rasuk could possibly take on the role. He’s in his 30s at this point but it’s still easy to see how he could possibly be the guy that might be able to take the role since he has the look and he has the kind of acting ability that makes him adequate if not perfect for this character. Plus, like it or not, a lot of folks don’t know about Blue Beetle outside of DC fans, and to think that DC could possibly get a bigger name for this project isn’t impossible, but it’s hard to see happening right at the moment. Victor is proven at least since he’s been around long enough to be considered a talented actor and he’s been working pretty steadily so it’s obvious at this point that his contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. Some folks might remember him from his movie appearances and some might remember him from a few TV shows here and there, but the point is that he’s been working steadily and really does deserve a shot at this. Whether he wants it or not is the question, but being able to star in a hero movie is something that a lot of people might at least consider.

The fact is that he’s not likely to be found on anyone’s list at this point since a lot of people might be thinking that younger is better and would fit the character a little easier. But it all depends on DC and how they want to present the story since as it’s already been seen, change is a big deal in the comic book world. Movies almost never follow the comics panel for panel since the idea of telling the same story over and over hasn’t appealed to those making the movie but it could possibly appeal to those that want to watch their favorite moments unfold in live-action are hoping that one day this will happen. In some ways, it already has, since some comic book movies have managed to incorporate a great deal of material that people recognize and appreciate. But as it’s been seen more and more the comic book stories are changing in very profound ways to move the storylines ahead or to tell a slightly altered version of the same story that people remember. Some folks don’t mind this as they see it as progress, but others are a bit miffed since they see this as a lost opportunity to showcase the classic stories that they grew up with and were hoping to see come to fruition at one point. When it comes to Blue Beetle there are likely a few individuals that could don the armor and make it work, but who will be selected is obviously difficult to say since it’s bound to be someone that a lot of people weren’t expecting but will leap to support the moment that the selection is made. The same was done with Tatiana Maslany, who was confirmed recently for the part of Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk. A lot of people were pulling for other actresses to take on the role, but definitely changed their minds immediately the moment that Tatiana was confirmed. It’s not a bad thing really, since it does show support, but it also makes the point that fans are fickle and will go with the flow when they need to in order to enjoy whatever idea is being pushed.

Cynical as it might sound, the same is bound to happen with Blue Beetle since whoever gets selected to put on the armor will no doubt find a great deal of support not long after their name is announced for the part. After that, it’s a matter of living up to the faith that people are going to put in that person and making sure that they bring their A-game to the set each and every day. There have already been a few individuals that have starred in movies and TV shows as heroes and villains that weren’t widely accepted, and while it hasn’t ruined everyone’s career that’s ever done it, tanking on a hero or villain role has become a memory that many people want to forget since it wasn’t a great time from a cinematic standpoint. Whoever gets picked for this role is going to have at least some pressure to deal with since they’ll have to get people interested in the character, hold that interest, and then make people think that the character is worth something beyond that initial interest. So yeah, no pressure or anything. But it would be interesting to see another hero succeed on screen.

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