The Five Best Jennifer Garner Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Jennifer Garner Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Jennifer Garner Movies of Her Career

If you were looking for a clip from Elektra or Daredevil sorry to disappoint but honestly those weren’t even considered as options since despite the hype that Elektra received the movie itself just kind of bombed out, and even seeing Garner all decked out in costume wasn’t going to help. Let’s face it, that wasn’t really the role for her, and it showed. But aside from that she’s a talented actress when she’s given the roles she can work with, especially since she can show a great deal of emotion when she really needs to. After reading her bio and watching some of her films it really seems as though Jennifer was out to prove to herself and others that she could make something of herself and rise above what might have felt like a mediocre start to her life. The great thing is that she’s proven to everyone what she can do, and has attained the level of fame that allows people to be remembered for years to come.

Here are some of her best movies so far.

5. Catch Me if You Can

While this movie is based on a true story it does take a lot of liberties in telling the tale of Frank Abignale Jr., one of the men in history that became one of the greatest and most renowned thieves yet managed to somehow hold onto his life if nothing else. In the movie Frank starts out as a kid that runs away after discovering that his mother is cheating on his father, deciding to go it alone in the world as he quickly learns how to forge checks and commit all kinds of fraud. He was never a violent man, but he never had to be since he had the kind of charm and wit that got him through a great number of hard times in his life.

4. Juno

Unfortunately teenage pregnancy is and has been a thing for a long time. Kids having kids is something that a lot of people have an opinion about, but in this case the one thing you can say for everyone involved, except maybe Mark, is that the baby is going to be just fine based on the decisions made by everyone. Juno doesn’t want to abort the child and wants to have a closed adoption, Paulie is entirely supportive of her no matter what, as are her parents, and Vanessa simply wants a child to love and is ready on some level to be a mother. In fact Mark is the only one in this film that doesn’t seem to have his life together.

3. Love Simon

Coming out as a gay male in high school is still a very difficult thing for some people to do. Even with support from friends and family it can be one of the hardest things that anyone could ever accomplish in their young lives. But for Simon it’s even worse when he’s outed by someone that he’s been trying to help, especially since it just about loses him every friend he ever had. But as the movie goes on he makes amends and publicly comes out to apologize for his secrets and to tell people that this is who he is. By the end he’s regained a lot of trust and learned to just be himself and be good with it.

2. Dallas Buyer’s Club

It’s a struggle to survive when you need medications and treatments and simply can’t get them since they’re too expensive and your insurance won’t cover everything. One man decided to cut the middle men out and go straight to Mexico where he could obtain the needed pharmaceuticals for a fraction of the price. The only problem was that despite the drugs being safe and legal to purchase across the border it was bad for business and deemed a serious problem since he kept bringing them back over and selling them to others that really needed them. At one point we really have to start thinking, “why not help the people that actually need it?”.

1. 13 Going on 30

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been young and dreamed about being older at some point simply because you thought it would solve all your problems. There should be a lot of hands raised at this point since we’ve all done it at least once. But when Jenna becomes an adult overnight she finds out that as fun as being able to live your own life can be, there are  lot of things that make it less of a thrill ride and more work than any of us actually realized. There’s a reason why adults tell us to enjoy being kids, and we don’t usually get to find out until it’s too late. A lot of us might actually wish for some of that magic wishing dust at one point or another.

No Elektra, no, stop it.

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