10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alyssa McKay

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alyssa McKay

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alyssa McKay

When Alyssa McKay first began posting content on social media, she couldn’t have anticipated how popular she would eventually become. Now she has millions of followers from all around the globe, and she’s built a career out of being on social media. She is well-known for creating diss songs and humorous videos from the perspective of a ‘mean girl’. Not only will Alyssa’s videos make you laugh, but they will also likely make you contemplate a bit, too. As her fame continues to rise, it will be intriguing to observe if Alyssa eventually chooses to venture into other fields. Read on to discover 10 facts you didn’t know about Alyssa McKay.

1. She Is From Oregon

Alyssa McKay is one of the few young influencers who doesn’t mind allowing people a glimpse into the details of her personal life. A proud Portland native, Alyssa has no plans to relocate despite the fact that many influencers have been flocking to Los Angeles.

2. She Is Not Afraid To Call People Out

She told Distractify, “There are some people that don’t really like me because…I was like I’m going to call you out because you’re doing something you’re not supposed to do. There were things happening in the influencer sphere that I just wasn’t OK with…I know a lot of the stuff that happens behind the scenes and for me, it’s really important that I’m honest and do the right thing and use the privilege that I have, being an online personality and such.”

3. TikTok Isn’t The Only Platform Where Has A Large Following

Most people are familiar with Alyssa from the content she has created on TikTok, but that isn’t the only place where she has made a name for herself. She currently has almost 820K followers on Instagram, and her YouTube channel has 223K subscribers. Her channel has garnered more than 35 million views.

4. She Has A Boyfriend

Alyssa may be young, but she has already found love. In 2019, she and Levi Underwood began a relationship after they met on TikTok. Levi also resides in Oregon and the couple appears to be going very strong. Even though some might feel intimidated when dating someone who receives as much attention as Alyssa, Levi fully supports her ambitions.

5. She Got Her Start On Musical.ly

When it comes to TikTok, Alyssa is no stranger; she’s devoted to it. She actually began her journey on the platform when it was known as Musical.ly. When the platform changed to TikTok, Alyssa saw her follower count and engagement levels skyrocket.

6. She Used To Work At Target

Before becoming a social media star, Alyssa was just a ‘regular’ teenager working at a local Target store. During an interview with Willamette Week, Alyssa said, “I went from working at Target and a frozen yogurt shop and being yelled at by customers to making videos and being creative.”

7. She Is A College Student

In addition to being a full-time content creator, Alyssa is also a full-time college student at Portland State University, where she is working towards earning a bachelor’s degree in communications. Alyssa is fortunate to be gaining plenty of real-world experience in her major already.

8. She Loves Doing Her Makeup

When many people think of Alyssa, her comedic content is the first thing that comes to mind. However, making people laugh isn’t the only thing she’s interested in. She also has a real passion for makeup, and doing her makeup before a video is one of her favorite parts of the day.

9. Robert Sheehan Is Her Celebrity Crush

Even if you’re not particularly invested in celebrity culture, you likely have had at least one celebrity crush in your lifetime. Alyssa McKay is no exception. According to Famous Birthdays, Alyssa’s celebrity crush is Irish actor Robert Sheehan. For those who may not be familiar with Robert, he is best known for his role in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

10. Her Secret Is Simpler Than You’d Think

When people achieve as much success as Alyssa has, people always want to know if there’s some secret recipe that got her there. In reality, however, Alyssa’s secret isn’t really a secret at all. While talking to Willamette Week, Alyssa shared that consistency is the key to her success. She also added, “Once you hit 100,000 followers, you can start profiting. Have a rate in mind, research it and don’t let brands take advantage of the fact that influencing is new.”

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