10 Things You Didn’t Know about Elena Davies

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Elena Davies

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Elena Davies

Sometimes we are forced to navigate life with broken hearts. Elena Davies is one who has been forced to face the tough life after a breakup. Mark Jansen shattered her heart into a million pieces, and it has taken her time to bring the pieces together. Elena was born on 19th August 1990 in Dallas and is now a radio personality. Get to know more about her by checking out these few facts.

1. She broke up with Mark Jansen

Elena broke up with Mark after one and a half years of being together. They had been doing fine until a time when Mark started questioning her love for him. Elena explains on ET  that she felt that she was not doing her best. Being a couple on Big Brother Season 19 meant that they lacked the luxury of privacy, and neither of them could handle that. Elena was not ready to give up early after the breakup, but she had to because Mark moved on with another lady he met on Tinder. Elena was then forced to accept the situation, blaming the breakup on the expiry of a lease they had on a shared home.

2. She enjoys drinking

Elena is in love with drinking alcohol. It is according to her motto that states, “Don’t go anywhere without beer and a phone charger.” She finds drinking to be extraordinarily fantastic and cannot go for an outing that does not have alcohol. After her break up with Mark, she even says that provided there is vodka; she has nothing to worry about in life. Elena comforts herself, saying that she can spend the time that could be spent with her ex-boyfriend drinking and get the same happiness. The drinking habit looks like a way to distract herself from overthinking about her ex-boyfriend as she regrets losing him.

3. She is a dancer

Elena’s favorite activities are; listening to live music, being on Instagram, and shaking her booty. Being a radio personality, she comes across live music at all times which she enjoys. Her love for Instagram is to get to her fans, and her account is full of her pictures in several adventures. She enjoys seeing what her fans are saying about her from the videos of her shaking her booty, and she enjoys it. When out with friends, she loves participating in dances and also dances to the live music to which she enjoys listening. From the videos of her shaking her ass, Elena proves she is good at it, and she could turn dancing into a moneymaking venture.

4. She loves dogs

Elena loves her dog, and she shares pictures of her spending time with the dog on her Instagram account. She says that she cannot stay in the house without her dog, and when she sometimes takes nature walks, Elena does so with her pet. The posture, when taking pictures with her dog on Instagram, suggests how she is not ready to let the pet go. They look like two souls that genuinely love each other.

5. She is addicted to her phone

Elena cannot stay without her phone due to her love for Instagram. She is always on the run to post new pictures and videos on her Instagram. She has been able to amass a total of 279,000 followers on Instagram. Another reason for her not to stay without her phone is the fact that she will miss her mom. She loves her mom, and they are always talking on the phone, a habit that makes it hard for Elena to stay without a phone. According to her life motto, she states that she cannot go anywhere without her phone charger to keep her cellphone functional at all times.

6. She got a breast reduction

Breast reduction sounds weird. We have heard of ladies who have been through breast enlargement, but Elena has done things the other way round. She even tweeted it, and her fans on twitter were not surprised. She exposed this fact about herself on Big Brother since her fans claimed that her boobs were large and reducing them was not a big deal. They wished her a quick recovery, and some jokingly wanted the leftovers of the reduction. Comparison pictures of Elena’s tits in 2015 and right now clearly shows a decrease in the size of her breasts.

7. She swam with dolphins

Elena loves swimming, and she claims that at one time she got the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Swimming with the sea creatures seems like such an adventure since dolphins are adorable creatures and are known to be playful.

8. She is funny, charming and abrasive

Elena loves to make fun of all the things that come her way, so there is never a dull moment with her around. Her love for fun activities is the reason why she loves spending time with friends and family, ensuring that she brings a smile to their faces no matter what they are going through.

9. She is not competitive

On Big Brother, the stakes are always high, and Elena should have known that when she became a houseguest. When the guests had to play for the power of Veto, Elena decided to take $5,000 instead of competing. The fact that she preferred to take money instead of having a power that would save herself and keep her competitors at bay proves she is not competitive.

10. She loves living with friends and family

The feeling of belonging is among the human needs and since being appreciated is our deepest cravings, hanging out with friends and family becomes paramount. Sometimes we might be forced to stay with strangers, and while some people can bond quickly with strangers, Elena cannot. Elena finds it difficult to leave without her friends and family.

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