Gillian Flynn Continues to Prove She’s One of the Best Writers for Movies and TV

If you read the book Gone Girl or even if you watched the movie, you’re already familiar with the work of outstanding author Gillian Flynn. The truth is, this is a person that is capable of writing stories that stand a cut above almost everything else that is available. People have taken notice over the years, such as with Gone Girl. Today, they are still taking notice and she has just signed a deal with Amazon that could potentially become very lucrative over a long period of time.

As you probably already know, Amazon is very present when it comes to creating unique shows for its streaming service. Following the likes of Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime video is now one of the most sought-after forms of entertainment, especially as satellite and cable bills continue to rise and fans attempt to look for other forms of entertainment. Amazon Prime video got its start by allowing customers to watch videos on the service for a small fee. When it saw how successful other entities like Netflix were at creating their own shows, it decided that it was time it got into the business of creating something unique as well.

Since then, the streaming service has done exceptionally well for itself and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down, either. Amazon recently signed a deal with Gillian Flynn to create Utopia, a unique show for the streaming service that will air over the course of nine separate episodes. While all of the details haven’t yet been worked out, the main plot has been developed and it sounds exceptionally interesting.

In Utopia, a group of young individuals find an ancient novel that has almost magical characteristics. They start to wonder how it came into being and why they found it in such an odd place. Before they can work out any of these details, they find that they are all suddenly being stalked by some shadow agency that is presumably part of the government. Now, they have to deal with all of the questions brought on by finding the book itself and they have to stay one step ahead of the agency that is now after them in the process.

If all goes well with Utopia, and there doesn’t seem to be any reason why it won’t, Amazon also expects to have additional projects from Flynn as part of this deal. In fact, Utopia is just the first project of many that they want to partner on with Flynn. As such, the two have recently signed a contract to work together on various projects for the foreseeable future. If Flynn’s future projects are halfway as good as the ones that she’s already completed, there’s no telling how lucrative this deal could eventually become.

Fans are certainly excited about the prospect. It’s easy to understand why. Gone Girl was one of the most compelling novels that has been written in recent memory. Therefore, it only stands to reason that fans are excited about seeing what other types of projects will be coming down the pike in the future. Gillian Flynn is an exceptionally talented individual, and now she has the opportunity to showcase that talent in a brand new way.

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