Jaleel White is Launching an Urkel Themed Cannabis Brand

Jaleel White is Launching an Urkel Themed Cannabis Brand

Jaleel White is Launching an Urkel Themed Cannabis Brand

It’s probably a day that a lot of people have fantasized about but not one that a lot of people thought would ever come, the day that marijuana became legal in various states and, as a result, became a business that no longer had to be run in secret out of a person’s home or in a back alley somewhere that couldn’t be found by authorities. With marijuana being legalized in such a manner, Jaleel White from Family Matters has been supplementing his own income by selling marijuana and is now coming up with what he ItsPurpl, a brand that is a part of the Purple Urkel strain that he’s been working on for a while. He’s already come up with a few different products and merchandise that he’ll be marketing, and it’s fair to say that he has plenty of competition already, but he’s confident that he’ll be able to get in there and make something happening. It could be that people are going to be utilizing nostalgia and the desire for weed to keep Urkel’s popularity where it’s been for a while since he’s continued to act and to remain in the public eye, even as his main claim to fame has, for years, been the character of Steve Urkel that he perfected back in the 90s.

It’s a different world no doubt, one where marijuana is now a regularly sold product that is just as normal as cigarettes in some states, and a former icon such as Jaleel White is taking advantage of it as much as he can. It’s easy enough to say kudos to the star since he saw an opportunity and is sitll going for it, but imagining how this might have looked back in the 90s is kind of amusing since people would have hit the wall in a big way considering that despite the fact that some people didn’t like him, Urkel was still seen as a role model to a lot of people since he was still the nice guy, despite the fact that his voice was a little hard to take and he wasn’t the most popular guy around, even with the Winslow’s, who were the only people that could really stand him for more than a few minutes. The funny thing about Steve Urkel was that he was supposed to be a character that was only used once, but he ended up becoming the kind of character that people felt was needed on the show. It’s kind of fortuitous that Urkel did get kept since it feels as though the show absolutely needed someone like him since despite the acting skills of the rest of the cast, Steve was the focal point after a while and one of the reasons why people kept watching.

He’s continued to act throughout the years but it’s fair to say that he’s never reached the same level of fame as he had with his role as Urkel since quite a few people might have to look him up just to see what he’s been doing. But his move into the weed game is one that is bound to be a benefit to his earnings since no matter how likes it and who doesn’t, the marijuana business is likely here to stay since there are so many applications for it that one can’t help but think that trying to make it illegal again would result in another set of riots and a whole slew of jokes and memes that might dominate the internet as they did when weed was made legal. Having the intelligence to get in on the act before it was too late is bound to work in Jaleel’s favor since from pain relief to simply getting a nice, relaxing buzz, marijuana is something that one can’t help but admit is a business that is bound to keep changing for a while until it becomes like anything else, saturated and filled to the brim with competitors that want to give the best product and earn the most money. Jaleel is doing what he can to make his merchandise sell, and banking on his former fame is a bit iffy to be sure, but nostalgia has a funny way of influencing one decision or another.

It wouldn’t be too surprising to see some folks buy from Jaleel simply because they enjoyed Family Matters or the Urkel character, meaning that they want to have some sort of collectible that might sit on a shelf somewhere. But when it comes to what he’s selling it’s a hope that, for the sake of his business, that his product will stay effective and be able to compete with others. As of now it sounds like his confidence in his business is high, but we’ll see how things go.

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