Why “Mean Girls” on Broadway is Worth Your Time

Why “Mean Girls” on Broadway is Worth Your Time

If you’re a fan of Mean Girls then the Broadway version is no doubt already worth your time since watching the transition from film to stage is likely to be just amazing enough to be impressed. But if you’ve got the chance to see it live, which unfortunately many fans will likely miss out, then it’s bound to be something of an extraordinary experience. So far the only thing that any critic has seen fit to really comment about is that the songs in the musical don’t exactly live up to the talents of the actors. That sounds like something you don’t hear all the time, as it would seem more often that one or more of the actors don’t really live up to the hype that’s been given to promote their performance.

But Mean Girls is said to deliver the goods when it comes to the quality of their actors and given that people have been talking about this movie for over a decade now and quoting it to each other line for line, that’s high praise. The casting department obviously had eyes on those that could bring the most important characters to life and tell the story in the way that Tina Fey desired, no doubt paying a great deal of attention to those bits and facts that were possibly outlined and underlined so as not to miss them and create a serious mistake. Right now it sounds like each cast member has been on their mark without fail and that people have been fully enjoying the portrayal of their favorite characters as they play their part. The Plastics and Cady especially, as they’re the core of the show, needed to be spot on and without fault as much as is humanly possible and from the reviews it sounds like there’s no worry on that front.

The gist of the show is that high school is still an emotional war zone and nothing has really changed since the day the movie was released and introduced people to the constant struggle to say popular and get in with the right crowd. The Plastics are still that bunch of girls that shine like the sun but aren’t to be approached by just anyone. It would seem that every school has that one group that just can’t be measured against anyone else, standing apart from the rest of the student body even as they pass judgment on the entire world it seems like. Somehow that became a part of high school along time ago, when the hierarchy of school was still forming and the haves and the have-nots were being divided by social cues and mores that a lot of people don’t fully understand even into high school. The musical however reminds us with stunning alacrity just how real this is, no matter if the current idea is to treat people as you’d like to be treated.

The musical is a step back to the time when the Plastics ruled and had yet to realize just how tenuous their perch was. If anything, it’s an important throwback that reminds people of how very amusing this cautionary tale called high school can be when viewed from the outside.

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