All You Need to Know about Dennis Quaid

All You Need to Know about Dennis Quaid

When I think of Dennis Quaid, the first thing that comes to mind is Parent Trap and how good of an actor he was. He is often cast as a roguish charmer and Western renegade, each time giving his audience nothing less than perfection. The actor was born in Texas on April 9th, 1954, and lived there throughout his childhood. He is currently 68 years and is an impressive 6 feet. Dennis has shown undeniable talent, received two Golden Globes nominations, and is the owner of a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. These are just some of the extraordinary achievements the icon has had so far. He is not only an actor but also a musician, television producer and voice actor.

All You Need to Know about Dennis Quaid

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1. Dennis Quaid’s Net Worth

I honestly do not understand why knowing the net worth of famous people is so thrilling, and I sure will not hesitate to spill the tea! Dennis Quaid is worth an impressive $30 million, proving his acting days were definitely worth it. Per episode, the star receives a salary of about $150 thousand, bringing his average annual income to about $1-4 million.

2. Women Who Once Had Dennis Quaid’s Heart

The sensation that is Dennis Quaid has not only been winning the hearts of fans all around the globe, but some pretty iconic women have also won his heart. He met P.J.Soles back in 1978 on set while filming Our Winning Season. They got married in 1978 but called it quits later in 1983. Dennis seems to know where he meets his partners because he also met Lea Thompson on set. They got engaged but unfortunately ended it after three years of waiting to say ‘I do’.

On the 1987 film Innerspace set, Dennis fell in love with yet another famous actress, Meg Ryan. The two, however, got together during the remake of D.O.A in 1988 and finally married in 1991. They had a son Jack Quaid but the two separated in 2001. Dennis Quaid definitely has his falls, and it so happens that cheating was one. In 2004, Quaid married the graceful Kimberly Buffington and had fraternal twins, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace. His story still doesn’t end there! Kimberly and Quaid got divorced in 2018 because of “irreconcilable differences.” Kimberly earned $2 million as payout and $14,000 per month for child support.

All You Need to Know about Dennis Quaid

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Finally, as Dennis mentioned, he met the love of his life, Laura Savoie, in 2019. They got married in 2020 and couldn’t look more in love after making appearances at events together. Laura is currently 30 years old.

2. His Family is Full of Stars as Well

Dennis Quaid’s parents were Juanita Quaid and William Quaid. Unlike many actors who came from a line of stardom, his mother was a real estate agent, and his father was an electrician. He, therefore, had to work much harder to get to where he is now in life. His older brother Randy Quaid also became an Oscar-winning actor and has starred in movies such as Independence Day and Kingpin.

All You Need to Know about Dennis Quaid

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Dennis has three children, two of which are twins, just like in The Parent Trap! His first son is Jack Quaid, who follows in both his mom’s and dad’s acting careers. He has starred in projects like The Hunger Games and The Boys. His other two children are Zoey Grace Quaid and her twin brother Thomas Quaid. He is currently married to the lovely Laura Savoie, and this time round, Dennis looks like he’ll hold on to her.

3. Movies Dennis Quaid Has Starred In

Dennis certainly had a rough start in Hollywood, but once he had his breakthrough, things just went uphill from there. In 1979, he landed a role in Breaking Away, a film that won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and the Golden Globe for Best Film. With his increasing popularity, Dennis starred in The Right Stuff. He later starred in The Parent Trap in 1998 alongside costar Natasha Richardson, who sadly passed away.

All You Need to Know about Dennis Quaid

Credit: @dennisquaid

His success was clearly skyrocketing but not with a few bums along the way, for example, the cocaine addiction that took him to rehab and an almost overdose of his two beautiful twins. He played roles in The Rookie baseball movie and Vantage Point. Dennis Quaid later received an award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Far From Heaven. There honestly isn’t anyone who can stop the star. His other stellar performances include his roles in Wyatt Earp, where he had to lose a whole 40 pounds, and The Special Relationship, a film that received countless Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. The actor has also had a successful music career and is currently in a band named The Sharks.

All You Need to Know about Dennis Quaid

Credit: @dennisquaid


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