10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rafael Silva

Early this year, Fox announced that it would air a spinoff of its hit series 9-1-1. Also, Fox introduced a new cast that would play the roles of first responders in the spinoff. Since airing it, the show has been well received by many fans. Most viewers expressed their joy and even went on to comment that they loved the storylines behind the actors and actresses. For instance, the gay characters played by Rafael Silva and Ronen Rubinstein. These two characters, who have resonated with many fans, are introduced in the first episode, where the show focuses on their romantic relationship. Rafael plays the character of Carlos Reyes, a police officer with the Austin Police Department, while Ronen plays the character of T.k Strand, a firefighter, and a former drug addict. Carlos is attracted to T.k Strand almost immediately they meet at a party. As the series develops, Carlo’s relationship to T.k goes through various Turbulence. Carlos hates that T.k fears commitments while Carlos, on the other hand, is only looking for fun.

Besides playing the part Carlos on 9-1-1 Lone Star, here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Rafael Silva.

1. Brazilian by Birth

In an interview with Assignment X, Rafael Silva talked about his life while growing up in Brazil. He was born and raised in Brazil, where he lived until he was twelve years old. Growing up, Rafael Silva wasn’t into acting. He started acting in high school plays after moving to America. He was thirteen years old then.

2. Rafael Used to Fear Speaking in Public

While in junior high, Rafael developed the fear of speaking in public. He was so afraid to speak in public to the extent that it affected his relationship with his peers. To conquer that fear, he decided to enroll in a drama club at school where he started acting in high school plays. After performing in several plays, he realized that he liked acting. Rafael would then pursue his dream of being an actor until he eventually became a professional one.

3. His Education

According to Pace University’s website, Rafael Silva attended this university. He enrolled for the University’s BFA programs and completed courses in acting, commercials, and voiceovers. After completing his university course, Rafael was picked to play the role of Carlos in 9-1-1. He is also featured among other popular actors and actresses who came from Pace University. some of these celebrities include; Bradley Cooper, Vincent Pastore and Michelle Borth.

4. Trains with A Police Officer for His Role

For his role in 9-1-1, Rafael Silva trains with a police officer. The executives of Fox picked a police officer to train Rafael on how to conduct himself as an officer of the law. He is also a regular at the gym and trains very hard to stay in his phenomenal physical shape. Additionally, he read the whole Austin manual handbook for a police officer. Despite the manual being long with more than a thousand pages, Rafael says that he had to read the manual as a way of getting insight into the role he plays as a police officer.

5. Loves Mixed Martial Arts

If you take a peek at Rafael’s Instagram page, you will see several photos of him training in mixed martial arts with, Royce Gracie, a renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist who became a champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Besides training, he is an owner of a blue belt in BJJ. He acquired the belt from the famed Gracie Jiu-Jitsu gym. Even though his role as a police officer doesn’t require BJJ skills, Rafael says his passion for mixed martial arts is what drove him to learn BJJ. He still trains in BJJ at Gracie’s gym and is planning to be a black belt owner in the future.

6. He has Acted in Other Films

Rafael says that his role in 9-1-1 was his breakthrough in the film industry. Besides 9-1-1, he has been involved in a few other productions. Rafael made a guest appearance on CBS hit drama, Madam Secretary. He also played a role in, Fluidity, a movie about the sexual interactions of millennials. This movie was released in 2019.

7. Speaks Multiple Languages

Rafael speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese. He is fluent in all these languages.

8. Loves Dancing

Apart from acting, Rafael likes dancing during his spare time. During the filming of 9-1-1, he loved that the producers told all the cast members to dance as a way of them getting to know each other. He is very fond of line dancing.

9. He Loved Dogs

Rafael is a dog person. He has several photos of his dog on his Instagram page. Even though he rarely talks about it, Rafael likes spending time with his dog. He hates it that he has to spend very long hours away from his dog when he is filming for his role. In one of his dog photos, Rafael commented that he was with the love of his life. He took this photo on valentine’s day. Even though it is a joke, Rafael seems to be very committed to his dog.

10. He is Photogenic

Whether he is on a beach with his dog or in the studio, Rafael likes to take a lot of shirtless photos. In one photo, he is shirtless, displaying his huge biceps and well-constructed six-packs. He is well built, and many fans adore him for that.

Final Thoughts

As of now, 9-1-1 Lone star has aired more than ten episodes. Despite it being a spinoff, many fans already love it. The show is widely favored to the extent that it has been named among the most-watched television series. For Rafael, the series has given him the long-awaited breakthrough in the industry. He also loves portraying the life of real-life superheroes who continuously help many Americans in their daily lives.

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