10 Things You Didn’t Know about Evan Thomas

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Evan Thomas

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Evan Thomas

If the name Evan Thomas is one you don’t know, rest assured this will not last long. The star of the new HGTV show, “Bargain Block,” is a man whose name will be everywhere in a matter of weeks. He and his partner, Keith Bynum, are starring in a brand-new show all about flipping starter homes in their own Detroit neighborhood. They are doing big things in their community, and most people know very little about the couple. We know very little about the couple, but we’ve done some digging, and here’s what we do know.

1. He’s From Colorado

Before moving to Detroit, Michigan, to buy dilapidated houses and fix them up, he and his partner lived in Denver. They both had great jobs there – jobs we do not believe had anything to do with construction – and they fixed up their own home. They then bought a new home to fix up, sold it, and knew they were in the right business.

2. They Came to Detroit for a Reason

Why, you may be asking, did this couple who was successful in flipping homes in Denver decide to leave and come to Detroit? After their first official flip was sold, they realized that they did not want to deal with the kind of clientele they found in Denver. Wealthy, fussy people weren’t their jam, so they moved somewhere with smaller price tags and kinder people.

3. He Works on Starter Homes

Evan Thomas and his partner do not like to buy homes that aren’t starter homes. Their entire goal is to buy homes that are small, modest, and that need a lot of love. They fix them, they sell them, and they are doing their part to bring a sense of pride to a neighborhood that has fallen on difficult times.

4. He’s on Instagram

He doesn’t post often, however. He has 56 posts and 145 followers. His first post was from 2014 and his most recent post until the announcement he and his partner were joining the cast of HGTV was from September of 2018. You won’t learn much about him here.

5. He Values His Privacy

Evan Thomas might be heading in a direction that brings a lot of fame to his life, but he’s also a man who values his own privacy. He has a lot to enjoy about his life, and he does so. However, he simply chooses to enjoy his life more privately than many. It’s a lovely way of living.

6. He Enjoys Travel

What we have gleaned from his limited Instagram usage is that he loves to travel and spend time outside. He likes to see the sights, travel to places with great outdoor areas, and share his travels with his followers. It’s a great place to escape, and we love that he documents his travels.

7. He’s a Dog Lover

Evan Thomas loves dogs. He especially loves the darling little dog he and his partner have. Her name is Belle. She’s tiny, she’s cute, and she’s clearly beloved by all who know her. Her dads are clearly enamored with this little doggie, and she’s living her best life with them.

8. He’s Been in A Relationship for A Long Time

He and Keith Bynum have been together for almost 8 years. Their anniversary is some time at the beginning of August. They began their relationship in 2013, according to his partner’s Instagram photos, and they will celebrate eight years together in 2021.

9. He’s Happy in His New Neighborhood

When Thomas and Bynum moved to Detroit, they were welcomed with open arms by their neighbors. They have made friends, they’ve made memories, and they spend a great deal of their time in their own neighborhood working on making the homes there more beautiful and perfect for those who are just starting out. They feel that this move was wonderful for them, and they feel as if this community has been as much a blessing to them as the community feels they’ve been to the neighborhood.

10. He’s a Doctor

We don’t know what kind of doctor. However, Keith Bynum posted a photo on April 7, 2017, with Evan Thomas congratulating him on becoming Dr. Evan Thomas at the University of Colorado Boulder. He earned his Ph.D. and he is exceptionally proud. Again, we have no idea what type of Ph.D. he has or what he did prior to flipping homes with the love of his life, but we do know that he is obviously intelligent and he clearly works very hard to achieve his goals and dreams.

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