Kevin Smith Recounts Heart Attack Ordeal in 19 Minute Video

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Posted by Kevin Smith on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kevin Smith is adamant about recounting his heart attack ordeal when talking to his fans, and honestly if it works as therapy then he’s earned the right. The 47-year old actor and director was doing a show the Sunday before going into the hospital and had no idea. He thought he was just a bit ill and was attempting to find a place to rest so that he could catch his breath and get ready for the next show. He even threw up once but didn’t figure it was anything but a bit of nausea up until he began to feel a weight on his chest despite the lack of pain that he was feeling.

After the EMT’s had been called though it was discovered that he’d had a massive heart attack. Strangely enough at that point Smith was worried more about someone taking off his underwear to shave his groin so that they could go up through his groin with a camera to take a look at his heart. It’s very understandable how he would have been trying to preserve his dignity without really thinking about the fact that he might be dying, as those having heart attacks are either typically incapacitated or not fully aware of what’s happening. It’s a scary proposition to realize that a major part of your body is failing on you, and the shock of it is enough to upset anyone. But focusing your thoughts on your vanity seems to be a path towards denial of the condition, save for the fact that Smith knew what was going on at that point.

Everyone deals with such things in a different way however. There are those that are happy to comply just so that the doctors can do what they need to do in order to save their lives, and then there are those that are resistant either because they don’t want to be seen naked on the operating table or aren’t fully aware of what’s going on. Smith, who lost his father to a heart attack and whose mother also suffered heart attack, realized what was going on at some point and finally allowed the doctors to do their job. His efforts weren’t so much to subvert their attempts to save his life as they were to keep a bit of dignity that he seems to prize a great deal. This ramble that he’s giving in his hospital room is well-earned since thanks to the ordeal he went through he now understands the full extent of what his mother and father passed down to him through their genes.

Such things as heart conditions can be genetic and they can either skip a generation or be passed down unfortunately from parents to their children. Just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it WILL happen, but there’s a better chance than not at all. Thankfully Smith is doing alright and is extremely grateful for those that helped him out and did what they could to keep him alive. But seriously Kevin, the choice between ditching your undies and having your life saved shouldn’t be much of a choice.

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