Five Celebrities That Were Allegedly Bullies in High School

Five Celebrities That Were Allegedly Bullies in High School

Five Celebrities That Were Allegedly Bullies in High School

Many people look at celebrities as shining examples of the kind of people they’d like to be, but there are a few truths that a lot of people would better off knowing, and one of them is that a lot of celebrities weren’t always the perfect people they think them to be and in some ways aren’t even perfect now. Bullying isn’t something that anyone really supports but it is a divisive subject that most agree is a big problem even if they don’t agree with how it should be handled. To hear that one’s favorite celebrity might have actually been a bully in their youth however is jarring for some people but too hard for others to take since to be fair, we’re all human, and as a result, that means that we’re bound to be fallible. Celebrities allegedly bullying people isn’t a new idea, so thinking that several of them might have been bullies for whatever reason when they were younger is easy to accept given the fact that many of them have likely moved on from that way of life. Hopefully, most, if not all of them, have seen the error of their ways and are fully into the idea that bullying another person is not an acceptable practice. Of course, there are times when a lot of us might hope that instead of talking things through and making sure that everyone is secure in their feelings, the bully would just get the snot kicked out of them in a physical or metaphorical sense.

Here are a few celebrities that were allegedly pretty bad back in their day.

5. Gabrielle Union

While she wasn’t exactly the originator of the misery that she saw others go through, Gabrielle was still one of the many that appeared to enjoy the struggle that others had to endure as it made her shine that much brighter and gave her a sense of accomplishment that she wasn’t the one it was happening to. Like it or not this is still a form of bullying, but it’s so passive that a lot of people might just let it go and not think twice about it. The fact that Gabrielle openly admitted it elicits a big hope that she learned her lesson when it came to enjoying the pain of others and has since reformed.

4. Adele

Seeing how humble this woman is at this point makes it hard to believe that she was the type that would fight at the drop of a hat when she was younger, but apparently it’s true. In her youth, Adele was so filled with rage that she would gladly fight someone over a reality show if they said anything that, to her ears, sounded completely wrong. Bullies aren’t that complicated really since everyone has a trigger that ought not to be pushed. This doesn’t absolve them from the consequences of their actions, but it does go a long way towards explaining just why some of them appear to be so unbalanced.

3. Vanessa Hudgens

One might think that a star whose boyfriend is getting catcalled and receiving so much attention from fans might get the idea that despite his popularity he’s still into her. But Vanessa Hudgens apparently was having none of it after a while and would go out of her way to bully fans that wanted anything to do with her boyfriend Zac Efron. She would admittedly give other girls a death glare if they so much as looked in his direction with interest, though eventually she came to realize the futility in this action and saw that she was being a bit ridiculous. If you’re that insecure around a person that gets that much attention then it might be time to rethink your life.

2. Paris Hilton

This really comes down to money and the fact that Paris’ family were so well off and she knew it. People didn’t know how to approach her, they didn’t know how to talk to her, and unless they were in tight with her family or her in some way then she was apparently just a hard person to get to know. It does sound as though she took advantage of this as she and her friend Nicole Ritchie were two of the most popular individuals at their school and the leaders of their own clique. In other words, they were the rich girls that ran the school, in the opinions of some.

1. Tina Fey

She’s actually the original Mean Girl it sounds like, as Regina George was drawn from her own life considering that she admits to being the type that practiced cruelty and bullying to a big degree in her high school years. Sometimes going to the source is what helps to set off a classic story that a lot of people are bound to pay attention to, and Tina had a whopper of a tale to tell those that were interested.

It’s amazing to think that most of those that were bullies are now all about making life better for others.

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