Actors Who Led Honest Lives Despite Playing Horrible People

Actors Who Led Honest Lives Despite Playing Horrible People

It’s a little sad to think that a lot of actors get judged by the characters they play, but that is part of the game when it comes to show business and it’s more dependent on the fans that can separate reality from fiction. Those that know that their favorite actors might play major heels from time to time are those that understand that this character IS NOT typically who that actor is, and can keep on enjoying said actor simply because they’ve come to know that the person behind the role is someone that’s actually caring and decent. The same can be said of pro wrestling as can be said of acting. Everyone is playing a part and everyone is doing their best to get paid, and that’s the long and short of it. You can like or not like anyone you want, but the best way to make certain is to try and see who they are off-camera, and then decide. Trying to decide who you like in the acting world depending on which characters they play and how bad they really come off isn’t a great idea since some actors are quite talented when it comes to acting out a role, and might convince some folks that this is how they are in real life.

Here are a few actors who are very opposite from the characters they play.

5. Iwan Rheon

You might need to look him up to remember what part Iwan played in Game of Thrones, but Ramsay Bolton was by far a sadist and a very conceited man during his reign of terror. He fed people to his dogs, he tortured Theon, and he enjoyed abusing Sansa Stark. But in reality, Iwan was actually cringing during the scenes in which his character had to abuse Sansa, and he admitted to rooting for her when she finally found the strength to fight back. Obviously GoT was pretty brutal in many respects and Bolton was one of those that enjoyed the pain and suffering of others, but Iwan found it hard to get through.

4. Tom Felton

It might surprise a lot of folks to realize that Tom was actually bullied in school when he was younger. This would probably amaze some people since his character, Draco Malfoy, was one of the worst bullies and on top of that was just a miserable human being for several movies. After a while, it was easy to see that Draco didn’t have the best home life since he had a father that was an absolute nightmare, but Tom has professed that he didn’t really want a lot of attention when he was starring in the movies, unlike his character, who likely would have reveled in the attention and wanted more.

3. Jack Gleeson

Another Game of Thrones character, King Joffrey was one of the absolute worst since he not only abused Sansa, he had others abuse her as well, including one of his own knights. Plus, if he’d had his way Kings Landing might have had a slew of executions during his short reign since he didn’t care for people turning on him or thinking that he was in any way foolish. In stark contrast, Jack Gleeson is actually a very nice and caring young man that stepped away from acting not long after GoT to have a life and has been thinking of coming back. The character and the actor are pretty different.

2. Clint Eastwood

Despite what anyone says about him, Clint Eastwood isn’t Dirty Harry or even one of his cowboy personas since he’s allergic to horses and has spoken out openly about gun control in the past. He’s also more into music than he is into gunplay and is the kind of guy that can sit down and talk in a friendly manner without constantly growling at someone. Obviously this isn’t how he comes off in the movies since a lot of his characters would just as soon turn away in disgust at people they didn’t like. But in real life, Clint is actually a pretty friendly person, though it’s probably best if you don’t get on his bad side.

1. Larry Hagman

One of Hagman’s greatest and most reviled roles of all was as JR on Dallas, where he was one of the most shrewd and unapologetic individuals around. In real life though Larry was a pleasant and very kind individual that a lot of people felt better for knowing at one point. It’s amazing just how different an actor can be when it comes to their role and how well they play it. Too many people tend to blur the line between reality and fiction and end up hating a person for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they’re a great actor.

Sometimes it’s best to watch a live interview to find out just what an actor is really like.

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