Whatever Happened to Meg Foster?

Whatever Happened to Meg Foster?

Whatever Happened to Meg Foster?

If you think that you’ve seen Meg Foster somewhere before the chances are good that you probably have since she has a long list of movie and TV credits to her name that include a good number of shows and films that have had their time in the spotlight throughout the years. Currently in her 70s, Meg is still very much involved in acting though it does appear that she’s slowed down a bit and might be taking on roles as she desires, not necessarily because she has to. At this time she has a few projects that are still in production, but the list of roles she’s taken on aren’t exactly easy to count since she’s been fairly busy throughout the years. Like a lot of stars she did start out in the theater and then moved to the big and small screens after a time, continuing to hone her craft and taking on one role after another as she continued to get better and better. She definitely has a face you can look at and imagine that you’ve seen before, and her name is also catchy enough that you can’t help but think that you’ve seen her somewhere, even if you can’t remember. Her eyes are likely one of the most striking parts about her, kind of like Alexandra Daddario, it’s kind of hard to look away since they’re just a bit hypnotic.

Maybe that’s why she was the right person to play the role of Evil-Lyn in The Masters of the Universe back in 1987, as the character did require a bit of mystique and something that made her enough of a draw that people would remember. Of course if anyone remembers much from that movie it’s not likely that they do so with anything but a bit of nostalgia and a grin thinking just how poorly executed it was. Still, she did her best to make the character come to life and interestingly enough she based the character on Lady Macbeth, showing that she was taking it seriously and that she was doing her absolute best. It wasn’t enough to quell the dumpster fire that the movie became, but for her own part it was acceptable since she’s been putting everything she has into her work for quite some time now. One might think that in her advancing years she would slow down to almost a crawl when it comes to making movies, but she’s been going straight ahead without looking as though she’s ready to call it quits. And yes, those eyes have only gotten more striking the older she gets, which is amazing since a lot of people as they age tend to dim just a bit. To say that Meg hasn’t lost a step at this point might not be entirely accurate, but her gaze is just as mesmerizing as ever.

It would be nice to say that she has an impressive and even amazing net worth, but at this point in her life she’s amassed enough to keep her comfortable and to afford her a lifestyle that is definitely a cut above, but as far as that goes she’s not one of the richest actresses in Hollywood. Part of that could be due to the fact that she has starred in a number of movies and shows that tend to fly just under the radar when it comes to many people, though there might be other reasons as well. When it comes to those that aren’t as well-known by the public there’s usually a pretty good reason, and being featured in productions that don’t get as much hype tends to do it at times. The fact is that while the movies and shows she’s been in haven’t always been looked at as being the greatest or the most entertaining, she’s still been doing her thing for a while now and as a result has made it known that she’s a woman that knows how to stay the course and get the job done. She did show up in the latest Jeepers Creepers movie, part 3 if anyone’s counting, as the old woman that has visions about who the Creeper is going to kill next and what it really is.

Put simply, Meg is the kind of actress that looks forward to each of her next gigs being the biggest part of her life as she takes in stride every role and tends to enjoy herself as much as she can while she’s in it. Obviously not every role is going to be the best and not every production is going to gain her super stardom, but she does it anyway since she has a definite passion for acting and it shows. Oftentimes this is what makes for a truly great actor, that need to do what you love and the love for what you do.

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