A Young Superman Won’t Be Decided by The Fans

credit: DC Comics

A young Superman won’t be decided by the fans, especially with James Gunn at the helm of the DCU. Fans are certainly attempting to push for actors they like, that’s certain. But Gunn has already stated that he and Peter Safran expected this to happen. 

Fans do tend to think that they have more influence than they really do. The truth is that fans do have the ability to make or break a movie. The box office numbers aren’t always accurate, but they can indicate the mood of the fans. Unfortunately, this tends to make fans think that they’re capable of overstepping their bounds. 

The search for a younger actor to portray Superman is underway. Who is going to wear the red cape and blue suit, though, is a good question. The fans have their own ideas of who could take on the role. But James Gunn and Peter Safran are going to have their say as well. 

There are likely many actors that could take on this role for one reason or another, but it needs to be stated that Henry Cavill left the bar a little high. Regardless of what fans say, Cavill did exemplify the role. Zack Snyder might have made Superman a bit too dark initially, but it does feel that he could have made a serious comeback. 

credit: DC Comics

The origin story won’t return

This trend has persisted among a few other heroes in recent times. While the origin story is important, it does appear to have lost its dominance in the movies. Not only does it bog the story down, but this look into the past is best left as flashbacks and exposition. 

Much like Spider-Man, Superman’s origin is known to many fans since filmmakers have highlighted it quite often. Letting this go finally should give the movie a chance to expand on Superman’s early years and how he gains acceptance from humanity. 

This could also go a long way toward introducing and developing an enemy that might challenge Superman in an effective manner. There are numerous villains in DC, and Superman has faced many of them. But finding a couple that might give him a real challenge could elevate this movie. Something that’s difficult for the man of steel is preferable. 

There is an issue with using a lesser-known actor

There are advantages of using an actor that isn’t widely known. But there are disadvantages as well. For one, someone who isn’t known doesn’t inspire a lot of faith in the fans until they prove themselves. Hugh Jackman is a great example since very few people knew about him. But for Superman, this could come with drawbacks. 

An unknown actor could take the reins on this project and create a Superman that surprises people. This could be good, or this could be bad. But the disadvantages are the fans, unfortunately. The idea of fans showing their displeasure for a new Superman on social media is incredibly petty. But it is true that this could happen. 

Fans often don’t know when to let up when it comes to expressing their opinions. Using an unknown actor runs the risk of irritating the fans to no end. 

credit: DC Comics

Superman can make or break an actor’s career

This is the type of role that can make or break an actor. Ask Brandon Routh. His career didn’t come back that quickly after his stint as Superman. It didn’t ruin him, but it didn’t help him either. Even the legendary Christopher Reeve wasn’t really known for a lot of other roles. Fortunately for Henry Cavill, he had taken on other notable roles before putting on the suit. 

But for a newcomer to this franchise, it feels as though whoever gets the role needs to have a certain understanding. There are high expectations for this role. It can consume a person’s career. And more than anything, fans will turn rabid if they don’t like an actor. 

It sounds ridiculous to say, but the fact is that fans do overreach too often. It’s understandable, as fans invest a great deal in these characters. But there are times when actors need to realize what they’re getting into. 

The fans won’t choose the actor

The fans say what they want and attempt to sway directors and writers, but their influence isn’t that strong. Fans can boycott a movie which can affect its success. But as James Gunn has made clear, the fans won’t pick the actor. This is the right way to think since too many fans reach too far. 

A lot of fans tend to think that their personal investment in a story means they should have more influence. The truth is that fans choose to invest in a story. When it comes to who will take on the role of Superman, though, their influence doesn’t mean that much.

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