A Stan Lee Documentary is On the Way

A Stan Lee Documentary is On the Way

credit: Iron Man

A Stan Lee documentary is on the way to Disney+ eventually, and fans are ready for it. The famed frontman of Marvel Comics lived an extraordinary life that was spent doing his best to entertain others with his works. Many people have enjoyed Marvel comics for years. This is why this documentary sounds more than a little interesting.

It’s fair to state that many fans didn’t know much about Stan Lee early on. The man was a giant in the comic book industry for years. He was instrumental in pushing various stories that many people love. 

Learning more about the man and how he eventually became such a titan in his industry will remind people why he was so great. Stan passed away several years ago, but his memory has remained in a big way ever since. The fact is that Stan Lee was one of many people who might never come around again in this lifetime. 

As a revolutionary in the comic book industry, Stan took a number of risks like many people. But what differentiated him and Marvel, was the success he found with the fans. While there were a few lean years, it’s easy to state that Stan did something monumental since Marvel is still here, and it keeps growing year by year. 

A Stan Lee Documentary is On the Way

credit: The Amazing Spider-Man

Seeing Stan in a Marvel movie was always fun

It’s always a surprise when one gets to see a recognizable individual in a movie that wasn’t expected. The fact that the MCU placed Stan Lee in so many movies was a great move. His presence in these movies was uplifting for a lot of people. 

The manner in which this was done didn’t indicate any conceit or power trip either. This was one of the greatest parts of the cameos he took part in. Stan Lee was not a perfect human being, but his inclusion in the MCU movies made sense. It showed a fun side of his personality and it made clear that he had a great sense of humor. 

There were several Marvel movies that did not include a cameo by Stan Lee. It’s very likely that the directors didn’t want a cameo or didn’t think it would make a difference. But the truth is that his presence in said movies could have had a positive impact. It would have shown that he was invested in every Marvel creation. 

His cameos were usually quite funny

Stan’s cameos tended to come at the strangest times and were still perfect when they arrived. Fans would look for Lee to show up since that was, at one point, one of the best parts of the movie. It was unprecedented, but this addition to many Marvel movies became a phenomenon on its own. People expected this to happen up until Lee’s passing. 

What’s going to happen now is anyone’s guess since trying to justify digitally reproducing Stan Lee doesn’t sound like a plan. Many fans will no doubt agree that this would insult the man’s memory, even if some would agree that it could work. A digital reproduction, no matter how well-rendered, just wouldn’t be the same Stan. 

A Stan Lee Documentary is On the Way

credit: Doctor Strange

DC even celebrated Lee’s life 

If there was ever any proof needed that rival companies do not hold grudges come rain or shine, this is it. DC and Marvel have dominated the comic book industry for years. The two companies have enjoyed a rivalry, and they have worked together at times. But what is really uplifting is that DC did take the time to celebrate Stan Lee. This is a good indication that despite the rivalry, there is a great deal of respect between these two companies. 

When a man can be celebrated by a rival company, it means that he’s done something great indeed. The fact is that Stan Lee helped to create a monumental company that is set to endure for a very long time. It’s fair to think that his name will live on for years to come, especially given that his works have touched so many lives. A documentary is just one of many ways to honor such an individual. 

His cameos are going to be missed

In all fairness, the last several movies have pushed forward without any cameos and have done just fine. But the general idea is that Stan’s brief appearance in so many movies kept him connected to the fans. It does feel as though there will come a day when fans who are currently still growing up might not remember Stan Lee. This is normal, but it is also lamentable enough to prompt a documentary that many will remember. 

Memory tends to fade, it happens. But once a person’s story is told and shared, their memory is almost guaranteed to remain. 

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