A Point Break Sequel? Really?

It might not happen since it sounds as though the reboot that came out years ago might have ruined the attempt and put a sour taste in the mouths of those that might have been able to give this movie the green light. The whole idea would have revolved around the daughter of Johnny Utah, and the idea that he’d been missing long enough to be reported dead, even if he wasn’t. But Whether this idea comes to the small screen as a series or a movie it’s likely that if it does that it would be greatly changed to prevent a different story in order to avoid looking too similar to the reboot. The daughter of Utah was created to be a professional snowboarder until she blew out her knee and went into a downward spiral, which appears to be one of the only ways that those who reach the top of their game can go in the movies when things don’t go their way. If ever there was a mold to break, that would be it, since quite a few pros in real life have gone on to do something else with their lives after being injured or finding that for some reason they couldn’t participate in their sport any longer. 

But it does sound as though Patrick Swayze was meant to be brought back for a series or a movie at one point, meaning that Bodhi wasn’t dead at the end of the first movie, but escaped somehow to resurface later on another group taking the tactic of his as they started robbing banks. There was even an idea that Utah’s daughter would go on to join the FBI and start attempting to infiltrate a group of eco-terrorists that were going to extremes to fund their activities. However the idea might have formed, it didn’t reach that far since to this date nothing has really happened with it. But it would appear that there’s rumor and talk of bringing the idea back, perhaps to try again and even bring Point Break back into focus. 

There’s no doubt that the reboot took things and twisted them in a way that wasn’t really that well-received since the character of Utah was harder to buy into and the fact that the characters felt stiff and stale wasn’t all that easy to like. In some ways, the action sequences were kind of fun, but also nausea-inducing in a way since they didn’t just focus on surfing as there were other activities included for the storyline. To be honest, Point Break, the original, worked for a lot of people since it focused heavily on surfing, and the skydiving felt like an extra activity that was fun but not quite as believable. Plus, there wasn’t as much animosity between Utah and Bodhi in the original, which made the reboot feel a little angrier and definitely a lot more challenging, while the original felt almost spiritual in a way, at least until it was made clear that while Bodhi did believe in something, practicality took precedence at times and disrupted the strangely soothing chaotic vibe that threaded its way through the story. 

Thinking that a sequel might be on the way is a tough thing to agree with since it feels as though it could be a decent series or movie if it were handled just right and stuck to the source material, but it also feels as though it wouldn’t be as effective without both Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. These two men really made the original and it was their shared energy that helped it to move along. Gary Busey and Lori Petty helped quite a bit, and John C. McGinley even stuck out in the right way, as did Bodhi’s crew. So thinking of anything without any of these characters attached to the project feels like it would be tough to get into unless the story happened to be as near perfect as it could be. Swayze was undoubtedly one of the few villains that people still happen to love to this day since his part came off perfectly in the movie, while Utah felt a little stiff unit later on in the movie. 

But a sequel might not be coming anyway unless something can be done to convince those that could give the green light that it’s worth the effort. Even if it did come it’s fair to say that it might not involve Keanu Reeves past the executive producer stage since he was offered a chance at this. The thing is, Reeves is so busy at the moment that it would be nearly impossible to get him to say yes without having to adjust his schedule, and that doesn’t feel likely to happen. Maybe it’s best to let this one sit for a while. 

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