The Top Five Patrick Swayze Movies By Order of Masculinity

Patrick Swayze was another actor that almost never had a moment when he wasn’t masculine in some way, save for the Wong Foo movie which was questionable when it came to masculinity. It was an amusing movie but compared to all of his others not entirely masculine in the way he was acting. But that being said this list has to do with those moments when he was at his absolute best as a tough guy or at the very least a person that was all man and wasn’t afraid to show what it meant to be a man. After all, it means more than just being tough.

Tough guys are fine and all, but without anything else to their character they’re not that deep.

5. Dirty Dancing-Johnny Castle

Some of you might go out on a limb and say that this was not a masculine role since he was a dance instructor and didn’t bother to act all tough throughout the movie. Those that would say such things likely didn’t watch the movie to start with since Johnny Castle is all man no matter that he prances around the stage at times. When he’s not busting a move like a pro he’s definitely showing that he’s all male and proud of it.

4. Road House-Dalton

Patrick Swayze wasn’t always the rough, tough and tumble kind of guy when he played the tough guy in movies. He was often the quiet, unassuming person that could level you without much effort if he really had the need. Dalton wasn’t exactly a peaceful man all the time but he sought out balance in a way that kept him from being the ambivalent type like those that came against him continually in this movie.

3. Next of Kin-Truman Gates

He was more than just a cope from the hills, he was a man that valued his family and wouldn’t take any harm given to them lying down. But it needs to be said that from the beginning he wanted to do everything by the book and as legal as possible. When the other side isn’t willing to follow the rules of engagement however it’s time to go back to your roots and remind people just how truly tough you can really be.

2. Red Dawn-Jed

Jed was the tough guy. He was the one that rallied everyone and got them going in an effort to stay alive and let the Soviet invaders know that they were less than welcome in the Midwest. When a foreign army decides to come calling, IF it ever happened, one could only hope that the locals wouldn’t just let themselves be rounded up like sheep. It’d be a point of pride to let those invading our home know that Americans know how to pull together when the going gets rough.

1. Point Break-Bodhi

Bodhi was a spiritual kind of guy but also a walking contradiction in that as much as he sought balance he also sought chaos. There was no denying that he and his group sowed as much disorder as they possibly could in their pursuit of balance.

Patrick Swayze was a unique actor, and as of now he’s missed. Rest in peace sir.

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