A Kiss Biopic “Shout It Out Loud” Being Planned at Netflix

Having started up in the 70s, one might think that the legendary band KISS would have long ago thought about packing it in simply because age might become a factor and the fact that the musical world has moved on in so many ways. But they’ve been going strong for a long time now and it’s fair to say that the upcoming biopic on Netflix, which is reportedly spending billions this year on content, will be a fine addition to their career. On top of that, the band members will be involved in the biopic as well, so this will no doubt add to the veracity of the project. KISS has been such a big name over the years that one can’t help but think that a biopic will only make their memory a little stronger as the farewell tour, if it is the real farewell, is bound to make many people a little sad to think that at one point this band will finally have to hang it up. A lot of people should be able to recall how influential this band has been for so long, especially since they’ve created several songs that have been featured prominently in pop culture for so many years. The band has been one of those that many people have had something to say about throughout the decades, but their success definitely speaks for itself since they’ve done something that a lot of bands won’t ever get to experience, they’ve become legends in their own time and have created something that’s loved by quite a few people across the world.

A biopic is no doubt going to be shot from a certain perspective that some fans might not agree with, but it’s fair to say that with the band members involved in the project that it might be a little more honest than other biopics that have come along. The funny thing about this is that one can almost count on fans calling out certain inaccuracies that they believe might get put into the biopic, but with the members of the band playing a part it’s easy to think that fans might be pulling from their own biased beliefs instead of remembering that the men that actually formed the band will be present during the making of the movie. But it’s easy to think that the biopic will feature a few things here and there that might not feel as though they were entirely accurate, as it’s something that tends to happen in many movies that are based upon the true lives and careers of those that have either come and gone or are still around and nearing the end of their run. In a way, injecting a bit of fiction into a biopic can make it a little more exciting and can even get people to watch in a more effective manner, even if the facts aren’t always one hundred percent true. A biopic isn’t a documentary, after all, it’s a movie that features the life and times of those that are the focus of the movie, and as such there are a few things that are up for interpretation now and then. But trying to argue over what’s right and what’s wrong with the original band members is bound to be hilarious.

Netflix is going all out this year for content and bringing the KISS biopic to the site is bound to be one of the better decisions due to the fact that biopics have been quite popular in recent years, especially those that have been given the kind of care and attention that it needs in order to shine. There have been great biopics and there have been those that haven’t really captured the audience’s attention that well in recent years, so it’s a big hope that this one will be able to keep people interested and entertained, not to mention that it will likely be one of the most expected biopics and as there are still a lot of KISS fans out there, it’s going to be something that Netflix would be wise to take the time and effort to get right. But as it’s already been mentioned, there will be the benefit of having the band members on hand to help out, so it’s nice to think that the movie will have a good chance of being something that KISS fans will be able to enjoy and identify with since the band has had a huge following for so long that it’s in Netflix’s best interest to be as careful as they can with this biopic in an attempt to get it right. It’s bound to happen that it won’t please everyone, but the main idea is that it will satisfy enough fans to be worth the effort.

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