7 Takeaways From Harry & Meghan Volume 1, A Netflix Documentary

If you are yet to watch Harry & Meghan Volume 1, just put a small pause on this article, go watch it, then come appreciate with me every bit of the beautiful documentary. What are you waiting for?!

There is simply nothing more binge-watch-worthy than a love story, and not just any love story, a royal love story. It is simply swoon-worthy and inspiring to get an insight onto the lives of two icons we all love and adore. The first volume of Harry & Meghan, a six-part documentary, was released on December 8, 2022, and let me say that it exceeded all expectations.

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We see the start of the relationship between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex all the way to their shocking departure from the Royal Family. It was simply raw, honest, eye-opening, amazing, and maybe kinda controversial. Here are seven major takeaways I thought were note-worthy.

1. The Humbling Realization of Princess Diana’s Impact on Prince Harry’s Life

From the first three episodes of the most talked about Netflix 2022 TV shows, we can see that Harry still carries his mother with him. He speaks admirably about her philanthropic legacy, explaining how it inspires him to make a difference. Twenty-five years later, Harry speaks about his wife’s experiences with the press and how awfully similar they are to those of his mother, a then-new addition to the royal family.

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2. A Beautiful Love Story That All Begun On Instagram

In this stellar documentary, Harry & Meghan, we are able to see some of their most cherished moments. Harry surprisingly admits that he first saw Meghan on his friend’s Instagram feedback in 2016. How perfectly simple is that! As the two explain how their first date went, we can see nothing but pure love and Genuity between them, which is so important for the whole world to see. A perfect Prince Charming and Cinderella story if you ask me.

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3. Difficult Scenes As The Press Hounds Meghan

This is a specifically painful part of Harry & Meghan to watch, and this is because maybe, in a way, we all aren’t yet over how we lost Princess Diana. Meghan talks about her agonizing experiences with the press. Despite this being public knowledge, seeing the scenes for ourselves and hearing how she actually felt in those times was heartbreaking. To make it all worse was the palace’s disregard for the situation.

4. Funny Moments As Harry & Meghan Talk About Meeting Queen Elizabeth II And Prince Philip

We’ve talked about the swoon-worthy parts, the ordinary simple aspects, and the hard parts. Harry & Meghan also gives you a dose of humor that will make you fall more in love with the couple. The Duchess proves how human and relatable she is when she gets the jitters when Harry asks her out of the blue if she knows how to curtsy. Why did he ask? Because she was about to meet the Queen, and he hadn’t told her about it! Hilarious, charming, and heartwarming.

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5. Realizing That Harry Is Happiest Every Time He Isn’t Talking About The Royal Family

In Harry & Meghan, we see Harry not only as a prince but as a human being in an effort to help all that he can. As he talks about his experience in Lesotho, Africa, and his time in the military, you can sincerely sense his passion and emotion. In these times, he describes a sort of liberation from tabloids and duties.

6. Harry & Meghan Reveal Meghan’s Struggle With Her Family

Another section of the documentary that will leave your heart breaking some more for Meghan is her family description. From the false accusations she faced from her half-sister Samantha Markle to her struggles with her own father.

Credit: @sussexroyal

7. Why We Can’t-Wait For Volume 2 of Harry & Meghan

That’s right. We cannot wait for volume 2 of Harry & Meghan. Why do you ask? Because Volume one ends just before their 2018 wedding! With all the drama surrounding our number one couple, it is safe to say that Volume 2 will offer us even better. Stay tuned for December 15!

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