5 Reasons Why Adam Sandler Shouldn’t Join the MCU

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More and more actors are getting turned on by the idea of becoming a part of the MCU, and while some of them might be a great fit, others might need to think about staying away simply because it’s not right for their type of acting, or they’re not right for the franchise. Adam Sandler has been a part of show business for a long time now, and he’s taken on just as many great roles as ridiculous ones, but the rumor that he might want to think about joining the MCU is kind of frustrating in a way since it’s not accurate to say that he couldn’t do it, but there is a general feeling that he probably shouldn’t. Some actors have done enough in their lives that they don’t need to think about moving on to a big franchise since they’ve accomplished enough that they can stand on their own. To be fair, Sandler has created his own legacy over the years, and it’s not likely that joining the MCU would do much of anything for his career. 

Here are five reasons why Adam Sandler shouldn’t join the MCU. 

5. If he was going to join, it should have been done when the franchise started. 

Getting in on the first few years of the franchise would have been the way to go for Sandler since, at that point, it was still new, and it was still easier to be accepted by the fans since no one really knew what was coming. It might have still been awkward to think of who he might have played and whether his part would have been a one-off or a continual and integral part of the franchise. But getting him into the franchise early might have been the best bet if he was ever going to be a part of it. As things stand now, trying to inject Sandler into the MCU as it stands might be kind of easy in some ways, but it doesn’t feel as though it would come off as completely natural. 

4. It’s tough to think of who he could portray. 

In some respects, it might not be that hard since he could show up in a cameo performance as a figure that’s important to one movie or more but isn’t technically that big of a deal in the Marvel Universe. But trying to justify placing him in an important role that would create a huge buzz that would last for more than one movie might be difficult since unless he’s going to play a character that’s uniquely goofy in one way or another, it’s not going to work as well. Sandler is known so well to so many people that one can’t help but think that his legacy is better served by keeping him out of the franchise. 

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3. He’s become an icon with his own gimmicks. 

Everything that Sandler has done to this point in his career has made him who he is, and people remember him for that since he created a few very iconic characters in his time. From Billy Madison to Happy Gilmore to the Waterboy, he’s managed to capture the attention of the audience in a way that has made him a memorable individual throughout the world. Trying to tack on another well-known role to his long list of accolades feels like it would be less than effective and would instead be the type of role that might be seen as another actor trying to regain a bit of the glory days before retirement starts to become an option. 

2. The truth is that plenty of actors don’t need the MCU. 

Some actors and directors have made a point of degrading the MCU and even the DCU in a few different ways, but the thing is that sometimes the truth is that various actors don’t really need this franchise, and they might be better off staying away from it. Sandler is the type of guy that doesn’t need this but might want to at least think about it since a few others are doing it at the moment, and to be fair, it could be seen as a trend. That might be one of the worst reasons to join the franchise, to be honest, but it’s one that could be seen as the reason that it might happen at one point in time. 

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1. Adam is the type of guy that can overpower a cast with his antics or get lost in the mix. 

Deciding on who he might portray and whether or not it would be a major or minor role in the MCU would be interesting since the truth is that he can be the star of the show, but if he does get lost in the mix it’s kind of hard to say that he’s an efficient actor. If he ever did get a chance to be in the MCU, it feels as though he would need to be the star. Otherwise, it’s best that he stays away from the franchise. 

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