5 Characters Gabrielle Union Could Play in the MCU

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More than a few actors that might have never considered starring in comic book roles have been making their way to this genre for the past few years, and it’s fair to think that more and more will continue to do so since the honest truth is that no matter who says what, this genre is still capable of generating a lot of interest. Gabrielle Union is an actress that many people still know a little something about since she has been around for a while, and she has been a part of several movies that have been fairly entertaining and she’s stuck around long enough to hopefully partake of either the MCU or the DCU, or both. Despite being 50 years of age, Gabrielle still has her looks, and she’s still a very popular individual. Trying to think about who she might be able to portray in the MCU, however, if it happens, is kind of tough to do, especially since there’s no idea if she wants to portray a hero, a villain, or an average citizen who has something to do with either. 

Here are five characters that Gabrielle Union could portray in the MCU. 

5. Storm

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This would be an obvious choice, but it wouldn’t be so cut and dry since there are a couple of options that fans would like to see used for this character if she finally gets a proper introduction into the MCU. With the X-Men still to be unveiled in the MCU, it’s uncertain who is going to be used to round out the roster. But if nothing else, Gabrielle should at least be a consideration since she could play a slightly older version of Storm that’s been there, done that, and is ready to take charge and help lead, or actually lead, a new group of mutants in a world that needs them, but still hates them. 

4. Jocasta

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This could be a throwback from the Age of Ultron movie, something that was allowed to stay uncovered until it was needed. It would be called convenient, but it could be a great way to bring her in, even if it would be primarily a voice role unless she found it comfortable enough to dress up in a metallic outfit that would be close to comic book accuracy. Even if it happened to be a voice role with a lot of CGI involved, it would still get her into the franchise, and it would be a great addition. Whether or not this character would ever be considered is hard to say since there are likely a lot of characters that are being considered for the franchise. 

3. Aurora


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Getting hung up on the core material and worrying too much about how a character appears on screen is a touchy matter sometimes since a lot of fans want to see the heroes and villains as they were on the page. But here’s the trick, some characters shouldn’t be trifled with, while others might actually be improved if they’re portrayed by someone of a different culture, color, race, etc. Aurora is a member of the group known as Alpha Flight, and while a lot of fans might not give much thought to this character, it’s fair to think that bringing her and this team it would be kind of fun. 

2. Callisto

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Callisto has been shown in an X-Men movie before, and she was played by a woman of color, so bringing this character back wouldn’t be that big of a deal since she is kind of an unknown to a lot of fans, considering that she’s been popular in the comics, but hasn’t been as prominent as she could have been. She did get to show up in the animated version of the X-Men, and she’s been an enemy of Storm for quite a while. Like many other characters, it’s fair to wonder if she would even be considered since it would appear that those at the MCU are doing their best to bring forth villains and heroes that haven’t had any representation yet, or those who have been forgotten. 

1. Dust

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Out of all the characters that Gabrielle might be able to portray, it’s fair to say that Dust would be one of the most controversial simply because the character is a Sunni Muslim, which means that Gabrielle might be able to play her, but it would cause a bit of a stir. Still, this character has been heavily downplayed over the years, and it feels as though she could bring a great deal to the game if she were allowed to enter the MCU. Some might state that she’s a female Sandman character, but given that this character was born with this ability. She does have a few more limitations, but one can almost guess that the MCU would fix that. 

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