5 Reasons an Aladdin Sequel Still Needs Jafar

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People have been ready to see a sequel to the live-action version of Aladdin since it came out. Still, the apparent rumor is that it won’t go according to the animated sequel’s script if it does happen, meaning it likely won’t have the cockeyed feel to it that the animated version did. But one hope is that the movie will at least keep Jafar around, if only because he’s been one of the best villains that Disney has come up with over the years, and it’s fair to think that his vendetta against Aladdin won’t be forgotten so soon. In this case, there’s no need to cling to the animated version, but it feels like keeping a few things around might be a wise move. Disney appears adamant about creating an original story, however, so it feels like some fans might have to deal with the disappointment that might come. 

Here are five reasons why the Aladdin sequel should keep Jafar. 

5. He’s an established villain

One thing about great villains is that they’re hard to replace, especially when finding someone who’s every bit as vile and has the type of plan that can trip up the protagonist and make things challenging. For example, Jafar was brilliant but arrogant in many ways since he didn’t think a street rat like Aladdin posed any serious threat. But when he noted that Aladdin had a genie with him, well, it was a simple thing to try and get the lamp, especially considering that as cunning and intelligent as the hero is, he’s still not in the same league as Jafar when it comes to betrayal, and his will is strong, but Jafar’s need for power overcomes that quality at times. 

4. Fans are more receptive to something that fits their comfort zone

It gets a bit tricky when talking about the sequels to Aladdin since many people probably don’t remember them, given that they weren’t as big of a deal as the initial movie. The second animated movie, when Jafar returned, wasn’t regarded that high, considering that Robin Williams didn’t voice the Genie. But the story was kind of bland and didn’t offer up a lot of surprises other than the fact that Iago, the parrot, turned against his former master and ended up becoming a hero in his way. But apart from that, Jafar’s return was interesting enough to make the movie possible, but apart from that, it was a flop. 

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3. Creating a new villain could bring up issues with the overall story

Some might think that creating a new villain is simple; to be fair, it’s not quite as hard as it might sound. But creating a compelling villain is tough since Jafar was put together in a fashion that made sense, considering that he had the sultan’s ear and was highly placed in the palace. Apart from that, he was still his character since he had his desires and needs. But creating another villain would be tricky because it would require a whole new character to be given a new profile that would vibe with the movie. Unfortunately, that part isn’t as easy as it sounds and tends to backfire sometimes, especially in sequels. 

2. If it’s an original story, will the Genie be there?

In the will of the Genie, Genie had been freed and decided to return, also being freed and again. Still, in the live-action version, the Genie is married and has children in the future, so it’s tough to say if he’ll be headed back to the kingdom once again or if he can even help Aladdin out now that he’s been freed. As to the idea of whether Will Smith would even be hired back on as the Genie, it’s not tough to say that he would be welcomed back since an apology and a few PR moves later, and people would likely embrace him with open arms once again after the Oscars slap. Fans have surprisingly short memories when they want to see an actor back in a role they did work the first time. 

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1. Jafar is a powerful enemy, creating another considerable threat that might pale in comparison

The many things there are to know about Jafar can be found on one website or another, but the thing is that he’s greedy, powerful, and brilliant, so it’s easy to think it would be better to bring him back than to replace him. Although, of course, a replacement might be impressive in some ways. Still, people would probably be ready and willing to compare the newbie to Jafar at every turn, if only because they know something about the sorcerer-turned-genie. 

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