30 Years of Aladdin 

30 Years of Aladdin 

Being a child is all about believing in magical, mysterious, and mystical creatures. The epic tale of Aladdin and his magic lamp is a beautiful part of every childhood memory. Since its first movie in 1992, the Arabic folktale has become a classic story for kids. You cannot deny that it has some attachment in our lives.  

The original story of Aladdin has been reincarnated in many forms and perspectives since then. Earlier, there was an animated musical version created for young children. However, seeing the same enthusiasm among adults, the live-action version of the story was also released in 2019. Moreover, the success of the 1992 film led to the creation of several tv shows, Broadway musicals, Aladdin-themed rides in Disney parks, video games, and other merchandise. 

The Classic Plot  

Based in the fictional middle eastern city called Agrabah, Aladdin is a chronicle of a street urchin and a genie from the magic lamp. It was referred from the One Thousand and One Nights Arabic folktale of the same name. The story revolves around how a street urchin finds a magic lamp that holds a genie who gives him three wishes. The boy uses his wish to impress the Sultan and his free-spirited daughter, Princess Jasmine. He disguises himself as a wealthy prince name Ali Ababwa and tries to woo the princess with his charm. Meanwhile, the Sultan’s sorcerer or vizier, an evil man, plans to steal the magic lamp for his evil deeds.  

Aladdin is accompanied by his pet monkey named Abu, while the evil vizier has an evil parrot called Lago. Aladdin also has a magic carpet that he finds in the cave where he is sent to retrieve the magic lamp. The cave is full of jewels, but if anything except the lamp is touched, the cave collapses. Alladin being a benevolent and non-greedy boy, was perfect for this task. He saves the magic carpet stuck under a heavy boulder and reaches for the lamp. Meanwhile, Abu gets attracted to a jewel and touches it, leading to the cave collapsing.  

Aladdin and Abu are saved by the Genie, who helps Alladin woo the princess. Although, Jafar’s plans expose Aladdin’s disguise in front of everyone. The story concludes when Aladdin uses his third wish to release Genie as promised.   

Aladdin’s plot shows a sweet bond between characters and teaches the morals of honesty, friendship, loyalty, and trust. Even after 30 years, you can still rewatch Aladdin 1992 with no second thoughts. Here are some movies from the Aladdin franchise released to date:  

Aladdin 1992 


Credit: Aladdin

It is a Walt Disney Feature Animation film produced in 1992. Ron Clements and John Musker directed this Disney-animated musical comedy fantasy. The movie features six songs by lyricists Ashman and Tim Rice. Famous artists such as Scott Weinger, Robin Williams, Jonathan Freema, etc., were the voice cast in this award-winning musical. It received great reviews and was also the highest-grossing movie that year, grabbing the one and only Disney feature to grab the Grammy Award for its “A Whole New World” in the Song of the Year category.  

The Return of Jafar 1994 

The Return of Jafar

Credit: The Return of Jafar

On becoming a huge success, the first direct-to-video sequel of Aladdin was made in 1994, titled The Return of Jafar. It is the sequel when Jafar avenges Aladdin after gaining the limitless genie power. Lago, however, sides with Aladdin this time, so Jafar makes Abis Mal his new henchman. The story is suspenseful about how Aladdin and his companions would defeat the powerful Jafar now.  

Aladdin and the King of Thieves 1996 

Aladdin and the King of Thieves 1996

Credit: Aladdin

This was another sequel to Aladdin, released on video in 1996. It is about how Aladdin finds out about his father being alive just when he is about to get married to Princess Jasmine. Though, the twist arises when he discovers that his father is the leader of the Forty Thieves.  

Aladdin 2019 (Live-action Film) 

In 2019 the live-action film was released with Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Will Smith, and Marwan Kenzari in the lead roles. It is a modern rendition of the old classic. The movie was released in the theatres in 2019 and is also available on Netflix for OTT enthusiasts. The performances of Massoud, Scott, and Smith were highly appreciated. Moreover, the music and costume design attracted praise from critics. Overall, it is a well-characterized version with special effects creating the same magical feel of the folktale.  

Apart from movies, Aladdin also grew as a popular TV show. Aladdin’s animated TV series was released after the first sequel, 1994-95. The episodes mainly depicted Aladdin’s adventures throughout the series.   

Aladdin is a movie that we all can relate to as it significantly contributes to our childhood days. The classic folktale will remain memorable for us even after years. 

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