5 Predictions for a Black Adam vs. Superman Movie

5 Predictions for a Black Adam vs. Superman Movie
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Black Adam has finally arrived, and it would appear that there are a few surprises that people weren’t quite ready for, which is standard for a lot of movies. After all, if everything was revealed ahead of time, it would be kind of a dull experience, right? But it’s nice to know that a movie can surprise people now and then since comic book movies do have the unfortunate downside of being predictable since there is a set formula to follow that even minor and major deviations don’t always help to break up.

But following this movie, even though it’s just been released, is the desire to see Adam take on yet another superpower that everyone is anticipating since, well, let’s face it, pitting super-powered figures against one another is a habit that a lot of people have gotten into simply because it is interesting to see who would walk away. 

Here are five predictions for a Black Adam vs. Superman movie. 

5. It won’t happen for a while. 

It does feel that if this movie happens too quickly that it will continue to prove that the DCEU is all about rushing their stories to get them out before their actors age out of the roles. But it also feels that if this happens too soon that it will feel underdeveloped and not at all ready for muster.

The fans no doubt want to see it happen since Superman is still considered to be a classic character, and Black Adam is another individual that has the kind of dominance that can take on the man of steel and do something that many other heroes haven’t been able to do in the history of the DCEU. 

4. Batman will somehow worm his way into the mix. 

Seeing as how he’s such a core character to this universe, it does feel as though Batman might be able to find his way into this next movie since it doesn’t feel as though fans are going to let this matter go without mentioning the dark knight at some point.

It’s easy to think that Batman will be given a chance against Black Adam if he does make it into the movie, and that’s a big IF, but thinking that he wouldn’t have anything to do with this is kind of ridiculous since Batman is to the DCEU what Iron Man was to the MCU for so long. Trying to keep any mention of him out of a movie like this would be next to impossible. 

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3. Shazam will be involved. 

This feels like another presence that would be needed in a movie like this since he and Black Adam have roughly the same power set, only with different sources that fuel their power. But since Black Adam and Shazam have both had their own movies now, it would make sense to bring them together and see what might happen, especially since the two have been featured with Superman in the animated movies that have been rolled out over the years.

Seeing these three superpowered individuals in the same movie would likely cause a lot of people to lose their minds since trying to think of what was about to happen would create a great deal of buzz across the internet. 

2. The Justice League will be an idea that gets floated but not embraced. 

Remember, that’s a prediction, but there’s nothing to say that the JL would be entirely excluded from the movie since if Superman is going to be a big part of the story, then it’s very easy to think that Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and perhaps even Aquaman might be allowed to show up.

Who knows, maybe Martian Manhunter and a few others might be on the list, but it’s easy to think that the powers that be would want to limit the roster just a little bit in order to keep the focus on Black Adam and Superman. Plus, whatever plans there might be for another Justice League movie, if there are any, might still be uncertain enough to talk about. 

JSA'S Future in the DCEU After Black Adam Debut

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1. The JSA will be a part of the movie. 

Since the JSA was a big part of this movie, it’s only fair to think that it would return to at least have some part in this fight since Black Adam and Superman could very easily end up creating the type of damage that would create another mess like Metropolis.

It does feel as though this might be something that many people would like to see happen, along with the JL, but there’s also the thought that this would be an epic movie even, or would need to be, at least in order to get fans on board with it. There’s no doubt that the interest is there, but it would need to be sustained with as many thrills as the director could come up with. 

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