5 of the Greatest Winged Heroes in Comics


credit: Marvel Comics

Having wings in the comics can be a great idea, or it can be a serious disadvantage since as much mobility as it gives to a character, it can also cause them to lose just as much when they touch down unless their wings are able to be stowed when they’re on the ground. However their wings work, there are some heroes in the comics that have the benefit of being able to take off and soar through the sky as they help their companions or simply take flight to get away from it all. Much like those on the ground, however, not all fliers are made equally since some of them are extremely powerful, and some are more like soldiers with wings. Some are naturally gifted with appendages for flight, while others have to have them manufactured. But the thing about heroes with wings is that, one way or another, they learn how to use them to their greatest extent. 

Here are five of the greatest heroes with wings. 

5. Bumblebee

credit: DC Comics

The really funny part about this character is that she actually attacked the Teen Titans to show off her tech, and they ended up giving her a spot on their roster. Everything special about this character stems from her suit, which makes her a superhuman while it’s on, but it can’t allow her to retain those abilities once the suit is off. The idea of creating one’s own suit isn’t such a stretch since plenty of characters have done it, but attacking the team one wants to join just to make a point is kind of interesting since one might think that the team would take that a little personally. When all is said and done, though, Bumblebee did manage to show that she has what it takes to be a hero. 

4. Falcon

credit: Marvel Comics

Falcon is a guy that’s come a long way from his original appearance since, back in the day, his wings appeared to be little more than giant folding fans that allowed him to take flight. But as the MCU has shown, his wings are mechanical in nature but are impressive as hell since they can be used in a few different ways, such as in an offensive and defensive manner that was shown in Civil War and then Endgame. The fact that Sam is such a skilled flier makes him capable of taking on quite a few fliers if he had the need, but there are still plenty of individuals in the MCU that he might have an issue with when it comes to a fight. As a combat veteran, though, he’s still a capable fighter. 

3. Wasp

credit: Marvel Comics

As one of the original Avengers from the comics, it wasn’t fully understood why it took so long for the Wasp to emerge in the MCU, especially since, along with Hank Pym, she was a formidable opponent that could change the size and deliver some serious hits. But now that she and Hank have been introduced, it’s obvious that Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne were bound to become the future hope for the characters of Ant-Man and Wasp. As it stands, Wasp is one of the more skilled combatants in the MCU, even if she’s not one of the strongest. It’s going to be fun to see what she can do in the next MCU movie she’s starring in. 

2. Hawkman

credit: Black Adam

It’s kind of easy to see which way DC is leaning with Hawkman since he’s an aggressive individual that’s also intelligent and bent on doing the right thing. Unfortunately, that might mean going up against individuals that can overpower him rather easily. As tough as he is, Hawkman is still a guy with wings that are strapped to his back, not someone that has total command of them at all times. The fact that he’s a skilled fighter is one of his saving graces since, without that quality, he wouldn’t have much business being in the air in the first place. As great of a flier as he is, his strength and combat experience help out quite a bit. 

1. Angel/Archangel

credit: Marvel Comics

Out of all the fliers on this list, Warren Worthington III is probably one of the most tortured since being a mutant didn’t help him to start. Despite being from a rich family, his status as a mutant meant that he was put through hell along with his fellow X-Men, and yet they chose to help humanity regardless of the treatment they received. Add onto that his capture, torture, and transformation by Apocalypse, and his story only gets sadder since while his wings were needlessly amputated before he sided with Apocalypse, they were regrown into the metal form they’ve been ever since. Once he broke free of Apocalypse, he eventually became a hero again, since otherwise, he wouldn’t be a part of this list. But as far as flying goes, Warren is still one of the strongest and deadliest fliers around, even more so now, thanks to the abilities granted by his wings. 

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