5 Inspirational Movie Presidents


Credit: Air Force One

It’s a little too easy to rip on the president of the United States at times, especially when it comes to their efficiency, or lack thereof when it comes to the running of America. But in the movies, there are plenty of individuals that have done even worse or have been so insanely inspirational that it’s easy to hold out hope that real life will mirror fantasy at some point. In some movies, the POTUS is the kind of individual that genuinely cares about every individual, no matter if they like them or not, while in other movies, they might be the biggest scumbag alive. But those that tend to inspire people are those who are actually out among the people or who are engaged in acts that make it clear that they’re not going to be pushed around or even threatened with the deaths of their own people. In short, a president that people can look up to even if they don’t agree with the POTUS is the type of person that a lot of folks wish could find the oval office one day, though according to many people, that’s happened more than once in the history the US. 

Here are five of the most inspiring presidents of America in the movies. 

5. Thomas Wilson-2012

credit: 2012

Remember back in 2012 when so many people believed the world was about to end due to the Mayan calendar and those who misinterpreted it so badly? Well, the movie was only one of the side effects, and a lot of people weren’t exactly kind in their reviews. But the president in this movie is someone that people can at least depend upon since once it’s shown that he has the option of making his way to safety with the rest of the cabinet and many others who were rich enough to buy their survival, he opts to stay behind to help out with those who can’t go anywhere. Some could say that this isn’t a wise move, but a president who’s willing to stand with his people in their darkest hour is someone that can inspire others to greater heights of humanity. 

4. Tom Beck-Deep Impact

credit: Deep Impact

President Beck felt a bit shady for a while since the secret of the E.L.E., or Extinction Level Event, that was being kept from the people of America was a secret that could have been revealed a little sooner to give people time to prepare for what was coming. However, there’s also the idea that it would have incited a panic that was unavoidable and could have had disastrous results. But the redeeming qualities of this president made it clear that he wasn’t someone who was seeking to fool the American public. He was trying to keep them calm and rational, even though such an event was bound to make people unpredictable at best. 

3. Dave Kovic-Dave

credit: Dave

As one of the movies in which people actually begin to warm up to the president, it almost feels as though Dave should have been allowed to keep the presidency after discovering how one of his people was trying to implicate him in a scandal. But things did work out for the best since the movie does end on a positive note, and it’s usually a good idea to remember that the presidency isn’t a permanent position, nor is it one that is going to promise anyone the type of popularity that they want or the validation they might need. As far as being a good representation of someone who’s a positive influence, the movie is one of those that has several smaller victories that need to be recognized. 

2. James Marshall-Air Force One

credit: Air Force One

It’s nice to think of a person in the oval office that has some sort of experience outside of the senate and the house, especially if that includes combat experience since it’s fair to say that such individuals have a much different outlook on life. Marshall is the type of president that likes to do things his way but knows that he has to compromise at times in order to run the country. But when his family and a plane filled with people come under threat from a terrorist group seeking to release a general that could bring back mayhem and murder, he doesn’t hesitate to take matters into his own hands. He’s not a superman by any means, but he’s a combat veteran that knows how to handle himself. 

1. Thomas J. Whitmore-Independence Day

credit: Independence Day

The fighting that goes on between nations usually feels rather trivial and not at all useful, but in this movie, it becomes absolutely ridiculous in the face of utter annihilation as a highly advanced alien species threatens to wipe out the human race. Nationalities and borders don’t mean as much in this movie since everyone is being targeted by the aliens, and when the chips are really down, President Whitmore reminds everyone that it’s not just America that’s currently in the crosshairs, it’s the entire world. One can only hope that if aliens ever tried to destroy humanity that someone would rise up and say it’s about ALL of us, not just one nation. 

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