5 Characters Gabrielle Union Could Play in Star Wars

5 Characters Gabrielle Union Could Play in Star Wars
5 Characters Gabrielle Union Could Play in Star Wars

credit: L.A.’s Finest

Anytime an actor states that they’d like to take part in one franchise or another, people are going to start talking about it. Gabrielle Union has been been a part of the acting industry for a while now, decades in fact, and it’s interesting to learn that she would like to be a part of the MCU or Star Wars, but this makes a lot of people wonder what role she would take on, and whether or not it would suit her. Given that Gabrielle has been an entertaining actress throughout most of her career, it’s fair to state that she would likely be able to take on just about any role that might be given to her, but trying to think of who that might be and in what movie she’d be cast is even tougher given that Disney has a lot of Star Wars projects on the way, and whether she’d be a one and done type of character or if she’d be up for hanging around a bit is interesting to contemplate. 

Here are five roles that Gabrielle Union could possibly take in a Star Wars movie. 

5. Nomi Sunrider

Who she could play and who they might cast her as is up for debate since Nomi Sunrider was written into the comics as white, but it’s not tough to see that this doesn’t matter much in the scheme of things, as a character’s skin tone can change quickly if that’s what is desired. But on top of that, the fact is that Nomi did not start out as a Jedi and came to life later on, and she belongs to a past era that could help to build up the Jedi and what they came to believe in and practice. This character could shed a lot of light on the Jedi Order since she did go through the Sith War, and it feels easy to think that she would be able to help build the past for this franchise. 

4. Darth Talon

The truth is that Darth Talon does belong to the Legends canon, but so far, that hasn’t stopped Disney from cherry-picking certain elements that belong to Legends in the past several years. This character is one of the deadliest and most impressive Sith in the history of Star Wars, but she’s also one of those that could be endearing in a way since she’s so set in her ways and she’s always ready to fight. Thinking that Gabrielle could take on this character might feel like fantasy, but given that Star Wars is primarily fantasy despite the gritty realism that has come along in recent years, this isn’t too farfetched. 

5 Characters Gabrielle Union Could Play in Star Wars

credit: L.A.’s Finest

3. Imperial Officer

It’s not at all impossible to think that Gabrielle might be able to put on an Imperial of First Order uniform and rock the look, especially since, at her current age, it’s tempting to place her in a few different roles that might require her to be de-aged slightly, but it’s not exactly feasible with every role. Creating a new Imperial officer just for her in an upcoming show or movie would be great since she does carry the type of authority on screen that would allow her to be taken seriously and appreciated. The great thing about having a veteran actor on the set is the fact that it can affect the audience in a positive way. 

2. Dark Jedi

This wouldn’t necessarily need to be a Sith since it would appear as though the Mouse House is trying to instill other types of Force-users into the franchise, but it could happen that she might be able to play a Jedi that had lost faith and had been in hiding for so long that she had turned her back on the order, but not the Force. This type of dynamic between a former Jedi and the Force could be interesting to watch since it’s been shown in the comics and in the books, but it would be seriously fun to see on screen. Not only that, but it would introduce a new look at how Jedi and the Force interact. 

5 Characters Gabrielle Union Could Play in Star Wars

image: Bad Boys II

1. Freighter pilot

This is kind of a basic role, to be honest, but it’s still one that’s highly important since freighter pilots are among the most interesting of personalities in this franchise, given that they interact with so many different species and beings. Plus, a lot of freighter pilots in the franchise have a past that they might not be proud of but is insanely useful since Han Solo, despite being a smuggler and a rogue, was also technically a freighter pilot in one way or another. Not only that, but while pilots might be a dime a dozen in the franchise, a lot of them are useful in ways that go well beyond flying. 

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