10 Things You Didn’t Know about Emmy Medders

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The Chrisley family is well-known across the country, and for good reasons too. They are one of the most famous families around, not only because of their business empire but also because they’re reality TV royalty. Chrisley Knows Best has been a hit since day one, and Chase Chrisley has been one of the most beloved of the family.

Where’s this all going? Well, Chrisley himself has been in the spotlight for a hot minute, and his girlfriend, Emmy Medders, along with him. The couple went public in 2020, and fans have been looking to get to know her a bit better. So, who’s the mystery lady? Here are some facts about her.

1. They’ve Known Each Other For Quite Some Time

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Fans have watched Chase Chrisley go through relationships over the years. However, he’s known Medders for quite some time. They have tons of history together, and they were pretty much friends long before getting together. Perhaps that’s why they seem happier than he has with some of his famous exes.

2. Fans Think Emmy Medders Is A Lot Like Julie Chrisley

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It’s no secret that Chrisley’s mom is the main woman in his life. In fact, it’s starting to seem like he loves Medders so much because she’s very similar to his mother. She shares a few mannerisms with the Chrisley matriarch. Even more, word on the street is that she actually looks like Julie Chrisley.

3. The Chrisley Family Loves Her

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The great news is that the Chrisley family is team Emmy all the way. Todd Chrisley revealed on the family’s podcast that he enjoys having his son’s girlfriend around. So does the rest of the family. He called her a “good, decent, honorable, honest, all-American sweetheart, and her family is just literally the salt of the Earth.”

4. She’s A Georgia Bulldog


Emmy Medders happens to be a University of Georgia alumni. It seems she’s every bit the southern belle that everyone believes she is, coming straight from Atlanta and the heart of the South. So, naturally, she falls under the Georgia Bulldog umbrella.

5. Emmy Medders Believes in Family First

Emmy Medders 4

Medders is very close to her family and believes that family always comes first. She’s exceptionally close to her father and looks up to him. However, she also says that her mother is amazing. Medder also has two brothers she considers to be the salt of the earth. She’s just happy to have a family who loves her and supports her, and she’s happy to have the same feeling for them.

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